Weekly Photo Challenge: Order

Everyone has to follow the order if you wanna take a horse or mule rideΒ to get down to the Grand Canyon.

Nature has its own pattern. Here you see the curves and lines of rocks in order, which make the rocks special and beautiful:

These rain droplets are staying in line nicely. And, if you look a little closer, you see veins of leaves have perfect patterns.

WPC: Order

62 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Order

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  2. Beautiful images all round, Amy – as usual, your photography is diverse and on-point. The ledge of that part of the canyon looks narrow. The riders must be very skilled riding around that area πŸ™‚ Can certainly see the veins on the leaf πŸ™‚


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    • Thank you, Dragon! Happy you are back.
      I did go to the desk to book a ride, but was told that I needed to reserve a year ahead. I thought I could trust the horse. πŸ™‚


  4. beautiful photos, Amy. i love what the first two photos represent – order. if there is order, there is peace! thanks for sharing! the droplets are magical!


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