Freedom From Want


Freedom From Want or The Thanksgiving Picture is one of Four Freedoms paintings by Norman Rockwell


In this painting, no one is giving thanks at a Thanksgiving table. Deborah Solomon explains, “This, then, is the subject of his painting: not just the sanctity of American traditions, but the casualness with which Americans treat them. America, he suggests, is a place that not only has traditions, but the freedom to laugh at them.”

Rockwell summed up his own form of idealism best, “I paint life as I would like it to be.” It has become the life we’d want it to be. View all Four Freedom paintings by Norman Rockwell.

Note: Rockwell’s paintings were inspired by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in the State of the Union Address that he delivered to the 77th United States Congress on January 6, 1941.

Happy Thanksgiving! For those who don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, enjoy you day!

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Black and White Tuesday

This week, Cee’s Black and White Challenge is “open topic”. Cee gives a tip: Use post processing to turn your photo into black and white.  If you use your camera settings, you could lose a lot of detail and flexibility in adjusting your photos.




Both photos were taken with 50 mm lens and converted to B&W through the Lightroom.

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Monday Walk: SoCo, Austin (Part 2)

walk-SoCo11--22 (2)

Our walk on SoCo continues…


The Hotel of San José is located on the S. Congress Street, very trendy and hip. Let’us take a stroll in their courtyard.





Though it’s located at a lay back area of Austin, the hotel room charge is not so, $ 270 to $375 per night (may have to pay another $30 to 40 valet parking fee) according to their website.

Walking across the bridge, you are in Austin downtown:


A few yards down the bridge, you are at the Lady Bird Lake trail, more cyclists and runners on this side of the town. :)



  • The Austin area is ranked fifth in the nation for its high-tech market, edging out Boston and San Francisco’s East Bay, according to  2014 Jones Lang LaSalle High-technology Office Outlook report.

  • University of Texas Austin alone has over 50,000 students and approx. 24,000 faculty and staff. 2014/2015 operating Budget is $2,658 million, according to UT Austin budget report. High ranking in Business, Medical School, and Engineering.

Jo is taking a break, before you go, please take a beautiful walk in A FIELD OF BRASSICA with Gilly!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio

Three cool cowboys and three handsome horses were leading 2015 Texas Western Heritage Parade.


Actually, this awesome dog was in charge, he let everyone know:


This cute cowgirl stole the show! :)   IMG_3926-trio_

WPC: Trio

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ABFriday Week 67



Cropped and edited the original photo via the Google Picasa, then moved to the LunaPic to add the cool water filter. Above is the result. :)



For Ben’s After Before Friday Forum #66.

This week, Ben is showing photo stacking. He said, “I took about 6 pictures focusing on different areas of the Ladybird Pupa. In processing the image I focus stacked the images in Photoshop. Once I had merged the images together, back in Lightroom I made some basic adjustments and sharpening.” Take a look:)

Ben's after-before-friday-2015


My touch screen monitor started acting up last week, I had to ship the computer to the Lenovo for some repair work. The real problem is that all the photo files copied from the PC don’t work on my second computer, iMac. This means that I can view these photos, but I can’t edit photos on iMac. So, I tried to copy the photo onto Picasa, then processed it through LunaPic online editor.





Cee’s Fun Photo: Orange and Green


IMG_9645 (1)-orange-green

For Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Orange and Green

cee fun foto


Thursday is the “Two phrase story” day! Dr. Hb provides “the first phrase and you complete the sentence, in your own way and we see in how many different directions one thought can be taken….. ” It’s a fun and creative weekly theme. Take a look and join the challenge! :)

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

_W5A0940- gone_

IMG_1308 IMG_8337-Edit- gone_

_W5A0033- gone_

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