Ride in the Sky


E.T., are you up there?

Remember E.T.?

Before boarding the spaceship, E.T. hugged Elliot. Elliot was in tears.

He said to Elliot, “Come.” Elliot said to E.T.,”Stay.”

He looked at Elliot gently and said, “I’ll be right here.”

pointing  his glowing finger to Elliot’s forehead.

He then picked up the pot of chrysanthemum from the ground, boarded the spaceship slowly.

It took off, leaving a rainbow in the sky.


WPC: Quest


Released on June 11, 1982 by Universal Pictures, E.T. was an immediate blockbuster, surpassing Star Wars to become the highest-grossing film of all time—a record it held for eleven years until Jurassic Park, another Spielberg-directed film, surpassed it in 1993.

Widely regarded as one of the greatest films of all time, critics acclaimed it as a timeless story of friendship, and it ranks as the greatest science fiction film ever made in a Rotten Tomatoes survey.

In 1994, it was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry as being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”.

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Charles Osgood is saying good-bye to CBS Sunday Morning…

Thank you, Charles! We will miss you telling stories, playing piano, and most of all your integrity. CBS Sunday Morning won’t be the same without you…


Cee’s Which Way: Tube


London’s subway system is called the Tube or Underground, never “subway”. According to Rick Steves, the Tube is one of this planet’s great people-movers.


The Oyster is the Tube ticket. You can select the amount you want to buy, check the balance, and add the credit through a touch screen machine.

When we were trying to use the machine to check the balance of the Oyster, a service person politely offered us help. When it’s done, I thanked him and said, “I wish we had Oyster in Texas. ” He said to me, “Why not move to London.”  “I’d have to learn English all over again.” I replied, he laughed.🙂  I like to make service people laugh.


Below is the Victoria station. Tube stops and the train station are under one roof with lots of restaurants and shops, and outside of this huge building is surrounded by red buses.



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Thursday Travel: City of York (Part 2)



After lunch, we walked along the river bank for a while, away from the hustle and bustle of Yorks busy streets.



Made a couple turns, we were in the Museum Gardens.



What a lovely place to sit in the sunshine on the Sunday afternoon.


People enjoyed the surrounding with families and friends.


St. Mary Abbey ruins are worth to stroll through and appreciate what once stood high in this area:


The Abbey was first built in 1088. It is picturesque and nostalgic.


Hope you enjoyed the virtual tour.🙂


I don’t normally have time to read stories in the early morning. So glad I did this morning, it gave a chance to share it with you through my scheduled post. It’s a moving story written by an eye surgeon, his story and his patients. At the end he says,

“…To know that I had touched so many lives, that I had  made such a difference. I don’t say I miss practising medicine that much, but it felt good to know my years as a surgeon had truly not been in vain.”

Do visit. you will be glad you did, “A Guest

Lal Singh was another moving story I have read again and again.

“So thank you Lal Singh, for the fruits and the ‘mithaai’ and the simple joy of watching you come in and tell me that I, as a doctor, was next to god.”

Yes, the eye surgeon did the poem for my humble photo last week.


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Where the time has gone…

The theme for 52 Weeks Photo Challenge (thegirlthatdreamsawake) week 7 is Time.

I think this photo tells a story of life stages, from adolescence to parenthood. Each stage of our life has its growing pain, joyfulness, struggles, ups and downs, and responsibility. When we step into the next life stage, we wonder where the time has gone.


 Have fun and enjoy the time you have.🙂

Visit thegirlthatdreamsawake for more entries.  

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King’s Cross Train Station in Black and White


This is where we took an express train to York. The King’s Cross station was quite impressive, I wish we had a little more time to look around. It was built in 1851–1852 and named after a monument to King George IV that was demolished in 1845. In 2007, a £500 million restoration plan was approved.

Below is the original version taken with iPhone 6.


For Sally’s Mobile Photography Challenge. Week 3 is black and white.


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Are you the one? Mirror to me?

 By Dr. Hb (hbhatnagar)

Amy was kind enough to invite me to write a poem on this post, inspired by the pictures she shared with us. Do visit her site, her work is a treat to behold.🙂

I am a lazy person, so while I penned these lines a week ago, I am only now putting them down here…So without further ado –

“I walked by many a window pane

But what I searched, I sought in vain

I looked ahead, I looked behind

I looked within my teeming mind

I looked without with tireless eyes

I looked despite my tired sighs

Was that the window that contained?

Is this the one that shows unstained?

That child, the image of the past

That man, of moments next to last

I ask of every pane I see

Are you the one? Mirror to me?”

I hope you like it Amy!🙂


Below is part of the original post.

IMG_4463-mirror 9-7

These two photos seem to reflect a life journey. The young girl, who sits inside of the window playing with her iPad, soon will be turning into a beautiful, smart lady, like the one sitting right outside of the window. The second photo seems to tell a story of how a gentleman is into his adult life. Though life starts slowing down, he is enjoying a glass of wine, a fine meal, and shopping; and the young man on his left may reflect his youth.

0W5A0771-mirror 9-7

Thank you so much for the beautiful poem, Dr. Hb. I’m honored.

With your eloquent words, I begin to read the stories through the photo of the mirrors, “Are you the one? Mirror to me?”


This is how Dr. Hb’s describes his blog site, “…So this blog has taken shape, being at different points in time my showcase, my comedy club, my art gallery, my book club, my therapist, my close friend, my innermost dark self….but always my little corner of the world. You are all welcome to visit and I hope you stay awhile!” Please visit his blog site if you haven’t.  :)

Cee’s Which Way (9-18-16)



These two photos were taken with no tripod. I bumped up the ISO, the results are okay. For the second photo, I leaned against a wall to capture the street lights.

Cee offers five weekly themes plus the “Monthly Composition Yourself” and the “Flower of the Day”.  She also participates numbers of other challenges. I admire Cee’s dedication to our blog community and passion for photography! Ceenphotography.com is a great place to learn, share, and connect.

Recently, her blog has reached 539,319 hits! Truly amazing. Congratulations, Cee!


Happy Sunday!🙂

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