Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward

5 Day Black and White — Day 2 (Longhorns)


Oh, yeah, Texas cowgirls and cowboys are in town! The parade kicks off a two-week rodeo and music events. 

On Day 2, I’m  inviting Lola to join the 5-day black and white. I have been her follower for a while; and Lola has been my longtime supporter. Lola is a world traveler and takes beautiful photos of the places she travels. Her recent photo of rule of thirds is exquisite.  Take a look...

The Before and Aftafter-before-friday-post-header2er Friday (ABF) forum is a lot of fun!  Stacy provides an opportunity to share post-processing photos. Stacy says, “The photos will provide a fun ‘wow’ factor; the post-processing descriptions, the ‘how.’ … ” Top guns, like Ben (Appeture64) and Emilio contribute almost every Friday. Small fish can have fun too, like Amy. Except, she has annoyed Emilio not once but twice, because she wants to play, but doesn’t follow the rules. ;)  Click HERE to learn the rules and view ABF photos.

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5 Day Black & White Challenge — Day 1 (Night Lights)


Thanks to Tree for inviting me to join the 5 Day Black & White Challenge. Tree’s blog is a wonderful place to have “conversations around the tree“.  She has launched into a “365 Days of Photos” project and is on day 56. Through her daily post, Tree shows us the places she has visited and nature and things she cares. Take a look… Can you guess where I took this photo, Tree? :)

The two rules of this challenge are easy to follow: 

1) post a black & white photo daily for 5 days

2) Invite someone different to participate each day

For Day 1, I am inviting Ms. Diplomacy to join this fun challenge. Ms. Diplomacy is a talented photographer. She says, “Photos document the moment, the life, the history… Photography is my passion.”  You don’t want miss her awesome photos.

Happy Thursday! 


Phoneography and …: Life was like a box of chocolates


Before you step into the Bubba Gump restaurant in Kona (Hawaii the Big Island), this is what you see:


My momma always said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” “And the same goes for candid photography.” LIGNUM DRACO says. Welcome back, Dragon!


Tip of the Week From Sally: While studying the works of other photographers is essential to become a better observer of life through a lens, it also is necessary to study the other arts.  Sally continues to inspire us through her  Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Photo.  Join us :)


Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds (Sunset)


 WPC: Rule of Thirds


Aperture64 is a showcase of Ben’s photo work and where he discusses his ideas and shares his knowledge and expertise. Though I have followed Ben for a while, I’m still trying to absorb. Gradually, I know a bit more about the digital darkroom. 

Like many others, I thought that using the software for re-touching is to change a bad shot to a cool photo and that processing is about covering up. Having seen many creative photos in Apeture64, I realize that it actually is about taking a beautiful, perfect photo and bringing it to the “digital darkroom” to achieve a higher level of creative photo work. The process is and can be extremely energy and time consuming. It also requires the knowledge of color code and lighting, besides the capacity of these software. If you want to learn more, Ben’s Aperture64 is the place you must visit!  Ben generously develops a daily (almost), step-by-step instructions enabling us to understand the processes and the digital darkroom.

Thank you so much, Ben! :)

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds (Great Blue Heron)

The Blue Heron is back! 


WPC: Rule of Thirds


I enjoy reading Mabel’s series of food. She didn’t just talk about food, but telling stories of why we enjoy certain food and how we eat; also blended with culture, stories, and her personal experience. Why we eat together at home…  is one of the her food series.

Mabel said, “I’m a person of Chinese ethnicity residing in Melbourne. I always find myself transitioning between adopting a persona favouring Chinese values that I’ve been brought up with and a persona that takes on the Australian/Western mindset.” Perhaps, it’s that mindset made her write a sensitive article, Why Are We Afraid Of Standing Up Against Racism?. She presented it calmly and graciously without mixing her own emotions (yes, she has had some unpleasant encounters). I applaud her.

It take audacity, sensibility, and insights to write a racism article like Mabel did. Mabel is at 20 ish years old. How a young writer manages to write great stories and sensitive issues is beyond me. 

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Year of Sheep 2015!



Border Collie dogs were guiding these sheep during parade.

The above photos were taken last weekend during the Rodeo Parade. This might be the first time that they included sheep in the parade along with horses and cows. :)

Year of Sheep 2015, Happy New Year!


This week Leanne put out 62 black&white photos submitted by bloggers/photographers. Fantastic collections, take a look

Below is my submission for MM 51:


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