CMMC – May Alphabet any word with an “I”

My choice for this theme is Iris.


Anecdote #11: Umbrella

In Japan, many department stores, restaurants, hotels, and convenience stores put out umbrellas for people to use on rainy days. As we were taking a morning walk in a city garden enjoying fresh air and flowers, I was delighted to see a nice stand with a few umbrellas hanging there for garden visitors.

Lens Artists Challenge #251: Buildings and other structures

This week, Anne invites us to find fascinating architecture structures that capture our attention.

When we think about Japanese architecture, most of the time, the traditional temples or shrines come to mind. Our recent trip to Japan, however, we’ve seen many new and modern architecture in different cities.

Tokyo International Forumit features a glass atrium and a curvilinear, ship-like structure. The modern and futuristic design of this building has won international acclaim.

And many more fascinating modern architecture in Tokyo.

Yokohama is the second largest city in Japan by population. Various modern buildings can be seen by the shore:

Mode Gakuen Spiral Towers is a 36-story education facility in Nagoya. It is a distinctive architectural landmark in Nagoya:

Below is a well maintained traditional Japanese house. Here you can see the details of the structure, perfect lines, and beautiful shape of the roof:


As soon as we step out of the train station, we saw the Kanazawa mon Gate right in front of us. This gate is presents the cultural and architectural landmark of Kanazawa. The wooden structure of the gate and details of the tiled roof are more than impressive.

Thank you for sharing your skyscape/cloudscape photos, stories, and thoughts last week. Together, we’ve enjoyed everyone’s photos of the fascinating shapes, forms, and glorious colors of clouds around the world. The jumping tiger cloud over the sun made me smile. “If the sky can connect us with loved ones far away, it can also connect us to ourselves – the version of ourselves that we used to be. It’s still the same sky.”, well said Florin. We love to capture those moments, perhaps, we are longing for that connection.

Anne’s architecture photos capture the beauty of lines and fascinating patterns of various buildings. Work of art, indeed! Looking forward to seeing your photos. If you join us, make a link to Anne’s post here and use the Lens-Artists tag.

Next week Donna will be hosting LAPC #252. Be sure to visit her site.


Anecdote #10: Vacant houses

Due to the increasing aging population and declining birth rates, Japan is facing a high rate of vacant houses. According to NY Times, Japan has reached 10 million vacant houses. These vacant houses are left behind by elderly residents and the young generation prefers to live in areas near cities. Now, the government provides tax incentives and subsidies for remodeling to attract new residents. Some of these vacant houses have been utilized for community activities and tourist accommodations.

Cee’s FOTD: Magnolia


Anecdote #9: Bamboo water fountains

Bamboo fountain is one of the Japanese garden elements. Unlike western water fountains, Japanese use bamboo to add tranquility and serenity. The length and diameter of the bamboo can vary, which can affect the sound and water floating. And, the design often blends with the surroundings and complement the other elements of the landscape.


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