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“We are here to love. Everything else is distraction.”

Scott Stabile


This week’s Photo Challenge invites us to share that which distracts us – and it comes during a week when distraction is a welcome relief from the onslaught of horrific news items. First there was Charlottesville, VA and shortly thereafter Barcelona. We find ourselves wondering when and how it will all end.


“Distraction is a killer of dreams, visions and goals”

Topsy Gift

Following these tragic events there have been many, and varied, responses. One I found very interesting was an essay comparing the number of white supremacists who responded to the call for a “massive gathering” (estimated at a few hundred people,) versus the millions of the rest of us who find them repulsive. Another observation was made by none other than the great philosopher Tina Fey 😊. She reminds us that the White Supremacists’ call to return our country to those who originally owned it forgets that it was we who actually stole it from its original inhabitants, the Native Americans.


“Listen to your inner voice and never let the distraction of the crowd discolor your poise.”

Israelmore Ayivor

Let’s talk for a moment about the Anti-Semitic Nazi-flag bearers. It is of course their right to hate and disparage Jews. Should they decide to go that route, we must remind them they should be denied access to any of the contributions Jews have made to our lives. No cure for polio or syphilis, no cardiac defibrillator or pacemaker, none of the music of Irving Berlin or Bob Dylan, none of the humor of Jerry Seinfeld or the Marx Brothers, no levis (or their successors, blue jeans), no sewing machines, and none of the contributions of Albert Einstein – just to name a few simple things.  And by the way, many notable historians speculate that Columbus was actually a Jew whose voyage was funded by Jews so I suppose they’d have to give up America as well – just sayin’.

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Thank you, Tina for giving me the permission to post part of her post and make a link.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Ooh, Shiny!

My horse friend let me get close to him, I was able to take a photo of his eye. Do you see the reflections of the sunlight, sky, and silhouette in his eye? Isn’t that cool?

WPC: Ooh, Shiny!

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XDrive Photo Lesson 6 – Focus on blurs

This week’s Learn Photography 6 is Focus on Blurs. Why blurs? Raj says, “Blurring is a great technique to enhance your story telling.”

Raj explains “why” through his 10 remarkable photos, each has its unique, creative result. He also takes time to teach us how to achieve it.

For this blur topic, I spent a good amount of time to select and re-select photos, but when I went back to Raj’s post (glad I did), I realized that Raj wanted us to focus on “the importance of blurriness in the pictures”, not DOF shots. This says how much I know about blurring. Well, that is a part of the learning process. Learning from my mistakes is always a valuable lesson, this is also one of the reasons I love about Raj’s Photo Lesson series.

1/16 sec, f 8, ISO 100. with Av. minimum edit in Lr

As walking through the Fairmont Banff Hotel at around 7 am, I was pleasantly surprised with the morning sunlight pouring in from the east side of those large window panels, I kept clicking. Toward the end of the long hallway, I was fascinated by the shadows and reflections of a window spot. I took  a few shots through the window, but wasn’t happy with the intense backlit. The next morning, I was up earlier and glad to see the soft and beautiful sunlight. This one is very blurry because it was captured through a window. I wonder if the photo may look better with a different camera setting.

1/200 sec. f 2.8, ISO 125. 

This blurry flower image is one of those “intentional blur”, maybe (?).

The photo above was captured with iPhone 6+, then processed through Snapseed.

I found this topic very interesting, another awesome lesson from Raj. Panning sounds like an adventure, hope to learn more about it someday. 🙂

Looking forward to reading your critics, thank you so much, Raj!

The first photo was posted sometime ago in 2015. My blog friend Dr. Hb liked it and wrote a beautiful poem for this one.

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Obama’s response to Charlottesville violence is the most liked tweet in Twitter’s history.

“No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion … People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love … For love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite,” Obama said, quoting former South African president Nelson Mandela in tweets.

The first tweet, which shows a picture of Obama smiling at four children, has been retweeted more than 1.1 million times and liked 2.723 million times as of Tuesday evening.

Cee’s Which Way

She might be little Bambi’s cousin sister. She slowly walked toward me, then looked at me as if she was asking, “Who are you?”. Mama deer was  a couple of feet away. I had just enough time to snap quickly with my iPhone. 🙂

Submitting to Cee’s Which Way.

Happy Tuesday! 🙂

Second Best #2

For the second week of this theme, Laure (eljaygee in pursuit of the photo) says, “The photos that did not quite make top notch nor have made their way to the trash…yet”

The photo below was taken almost three months ago, it’s not a cool shot but I’m keeping it. The young girl was just stepping into the water and was amazed by the waves moving toward her. I could almost feel her excitement.

The next one didn’t make to way to the trash. It’s just so much fun to see a bunch of surfers swimming toward the waves in the photo.

The past couple of weeks, I have done some major cleaning-up task on my PC, as a result it did free up some my hard drive space. Actually, the hard drive space of this PC was not even half way full yet, but loaded with thousands photos that needed to be trashed. However, my portable external hard drive was 70% full. I also took time to trash tones of photos in my memory cards. There were times I went through a debating process, to delete or not to delete… It had been a drudgery work. On the other hand, I had a chance to view my archived photos. 🙂

Whenever I’m back from a trip, I always wonder why didn’t I take more photos of this or that place?  Now I wonder why I took these many photos in just one small trip.

Do you have a mechanism for saving/deleting your photos, do you keep the photos on your memory cards or use portable external hard drive?

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Elemental

For this week’s challenge, .  offers us a great opportunity to “explore the classical elements of earth, air, water, and fire.” She asks, “is there a place you go to feel connected to the earth?”

Here are the elements of earth, air, and water through the landscapes I chose for this challenge.

Water– Banff, Alberta


Air– Glen Canyon Area


Earth — Grand Canyon

WPC: Elemental

Have a great week!

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