Creating Ambience


Last Sunday, three of us visited Kevin’s photo studio. We had a chance to monitor how the lights can be utilized to create photograph ambience.



These are a few of my captures with Canon 7D at 30-second shutter speed. So, tripod is a must.

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WPC: Ambience

52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 23 Trees


Bare trees are standing tall waiting for spring, Zilker Park, Austin.

For the the Girl That Dreams Awake 52 WEEKS PHOTO CHALLENGE: WEEK 23 : Trees


Back in 2015, I did a post focusing on the trees in Grand Canyon. Through the hiking, I sensed the their majesty, as well as its struggle, story, fall,… of these trees.

Trees in G Canyon

Trees in G Canyon

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Mobile Photo Challenge: Black and White And More…

Johnathan Borofsky’s Hammering Man, a monumental moving sculpture, is 48 feet tall and weighing in at approximately 22,000 pounds. It honors the women and men of the working classes in impressive style.


For Sally’s Mobile Photo Challenge week 3: Black and White



Selected from thousands of entries submitted by iPhone photographers from 139 countries around the world,… Niu won the Grand Prize for his image of a 70-year-old Khalkha with his golden eagle in the Tianshan Mountains in the south of Xinjiang, China.

Titled Man and the Eagle, the image captures a tough man with a weather-beaten face who shares a tender companionship with his wild, trained bird.

These are the Best iPhone Photos of 2016


Weekly Photo Challenge: Ambience

 Hotel lobby, restaurants, and bars are good at using beautiful lights and colors for creating ambience.


The one above is an example of using water fountains and lights to create a point of interest to welcome customers. Another idea is to build a fireplace and have a sculpture over it to make guests feel comfort and cozy ambience.


The furniture, rusty lamp, and hardwood floor is always a beautiful way to bring the old time feeling to the guests; and they didn’t forget to add warm colors and lights.


And, more lights…


WPC: Ambience

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Birds Are Back

Birds are back and keep pretty active in our backyard. For this time of year, it’s kind of early.

A few days ago, Woodpecker Jr. showed up in the early morning. He was up there checking on the cavity nest, like his uncle did last spring.


He took a close look of the cavity nest and was okay with it. “It may need some cleaning up work.” he said to himself.


He then checked the surroundings for the safety reason. Jr. even took time to climb to the top of tree.



He took a final look and wondered if Miss W would approve it.


Minutes later, Miss W showed up. She checked outside and inside of the cavity carefully, but didn’t bother to climb all the way up.



She paused for a few second, “This one might work.” She turned toward W Jr. who was a standing on a tree branch waiting on her.


When both flew away, the European Starling came and stayed in the cavity nest for longer than 20 minutes. He just might place an offer sooner than W Jr.


To make the nest more attractive for W Jr. and Miss W consider. I filled up the bird feeder for them.

It quickly attracted Blue Jay, Northern Cardinal, and everyone else in the neighborhood. I was happy to see Chickadee.

It’s challenging to capture the Chickadee in photo since he/she grabs a single seed and carries it to a branch, then returns for another seed.


A Wren stopped by, but he/she enjoyed insects more.


Photos were taken with Canon 300 mm lens through one of the Kitchen windows. I apologize for the low quality of the pics.

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Monochrome Madness

Leanne Cole has been hosting the Monochrome Madness weekly photo theme for over three years (the current one is MM 3-38). MM is where I submitted my first B&W photo and where I have learned to appreciate monochrome photos.


Here are the B&W photos I submitted to MM the past three weeks.



Photo 2 and 3 were taken with iPhone 6+.

Please click here to view creative monochrome photos.

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Cee’s Fun Foto: Old and New

 Cee has a new set of FFC themes for 2017.

As we were taking a night walk through the London Tower Bridge, I felt the great contrast of old and new. This historical bridge construction began in 1886 and took eight years to complete and the Shard started in 2009 and completed in 2012.


Through the arch bridge tower gate, you are in a modern business district.


Here you see the the historical Tower of London (founded in 1066) standing majestically in front of all the new modern buildings.


cee fun foto

These night photos were taken with high ISO without a tripod.


Thank you, President Obama!

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