Lens-Artists Weekly Photo Challenge #108: Sanctuary

This week, Xenia (Tranature quiet moments in nature) is our guest host. She leads the Sanctuary theme.

“Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you.” ― Rumi

Xenia reminds us, “Sanctuary can be found and created in a garden, a park, a field of wild flowers and by the sea … watching wildlife, listening to birdsong …”

“We go to sanctuaries to remember the things we hold most dear, the things we cherish and love.”

–William Cronon

The above three photos were taken in our local park, and then processed through the Topaz Studio

“Home should be an anchor, a port in a storm, a refuge, a happy place in which to dwell, a place where we are loved and where we can love.”

– Marvin J. Ashton

Xenia invites us to share what Sanctuary means to us. Her photos and words are beautiful and inspiring with heartwarming stories. Click to visit her. We are looking forward to seeing your interpretation. Please make sure you include a link to Xenia’s post and use the Lens-Artists tag so we can find your post in the WP Reader.

Thank you so much for your beautiful responses to our July’s four season series. It was a great pleasure to enjoy four seasons around the world via your lens. 🙂

Cee’s B & W Challenge: Back of things

Here is my entry:

This pyramid is 4,700 year-old, built in the 27th century B.C. for third dynasty pharaoh Djoser. It is deemed the oldest stone structure of its size in the world.

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