Cee’s FOTD: Cashmere Bouquet

Cashmere Bouquet is known as Mexican Hydrangea.

Have a wonderful day!

LAPC #212: Motion

This week, Patti leads the motion theme–“explore the movement of objects or people in your photos.”

Capturing the movement/motion in photos is always exciting and fun. Our digital camera and lenses provide us the opportunity and convenience to do so.

Freezing the scene, I normally set the shutter mode as a priority for bird in flight shots, which can be 1/600 or 1/800 second, sometimes 1/1600.

I watched this male bird sliding toward his mate at a fast speed. Luckily, I had my camera with me, and it was on the shutter priority.

I’m not sure how best to set the shutter mode for action shots. I know it depends on the speed of the action. Most of the time, I use the continous mode and hope for the best image result.

Layers of bouncing ocean waves. Right timing.

Below is an ICM shot of the sea, at 1/8 second. It was amazing to see the color changing of the water while moving the camera.

I rarely get to practice panning technique since I don’t feel comfortable aiming at people or their automobiles with my camera. This panning image was my first practice (back in 2018) at our local park using telelens. I was  standing behind bushes and waiting for those bikers. I haven’t tried to pan bikers since.

Here is another ICM image. I think I have more ICM images in my archieves than I thought I had. 🙂

Patti suggests, “planes soaring overhead, waterfalls cascading down a cliff, bees hovering near a flower, people strolling down the street, or cars speeding by.”. There are many opportunities. Click here to view her amazing motion images and learn about new techniques from her. Hope you will join us. Link your post to her site and use the Lens-Artists tag so we can find your post in WP Reader.

Many thanks to Anne Sandler’s “What’s Your Photographic Groove?”. It was fun to select and share our “grooves”. Your beautiful photos and stories have shown your passion for photography. Inspiring, indeed!

I will host LAPC next week. See you soon! 🙂

Cee’s MMC August Close Up or Macro

Here is my entry:

Always enjoy seeing the beauty of nature’s details through my lens, and you have to use the macro lens.

This web image was taken with the 50 mm lens:

The one below was captured with my iPhone.

Congratulations to Cee for achieving 2,000,000 views! Special thanks to Cee for giving us opportunities to learn photography from her and share our images, through her beautiful photos and various themes.

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