Transient Light

Nature offers sundials and calendars at every turn.

~ Diane Ackerman

WPC: Transient

One Word Sunday: Entwined

Summer is here, we are facing high 90 F this week. Shady spot under these entwined Oak tree branches is the only place for deer to stay cool.

Debbie’s One Word Sunday for this week is Entwined. Click here to visit. See the list upcoming themes here.

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Cee’s B&W Challenge: Lights

For this challenge, Cee would prefer to see more manmade lighting and lights can be turned on or off.

Two photos below were captured when we were visiting Bangkok, some four months ago. Looks like they were hand-made lights.

The one below was found somewhere in Phoenix, AZ:

Lighting in Texas style:


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Monochrome Madness 4

#1 was for MM June’s repetitive theme. The photo was taken at the Reagan Library, which rests on a majestic hill overlooking the breath-taking views of Southern California. The light through the columns and texture made the photo a little more interesting.

#2 The vintage photo of a lonely shed somehow reminds the old-time farm life.

#3 and 4 are my favorite subjects. Horses and birds are fun to photograph, also very challenging to capture.

These photos were converted to B&W via the Silver Efex Pro, which offers various presets and allows users to make their own adjustments. I purchased the package a couple of years ago; it was before Google bought the company. Now it’s free for downloading.

Leanne Cole’s Mono Madness is into the 4th year. It’s a great place to learn and share your mono photos. Leanne posts exquisite photos regularly. Click here to join the community and/or view creative mono photos.

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nothing so quick, nothing more patient

When I arrived at the ranch, it was minutes before 7:30 am, I saw these two beautiful horses from a distance. I had my Canon ready to take a few peaceful scenes there.

 A few seconds later, unexpectedly, these two horses running toward me. I had no time to reset the shutter speed and no idea how fast they were running. I was hoping the continuous mode was on, luckily it was.  🙂

The running time was only five seconds. Mr. B suddenly stopped running, then gently walked toward me.

There is nothing so quick, nothing more patient.

~Ronald Duncan, “The Horse,” 1954

WPC: Focus

RAJ’s (XDrive) Focus post is cool. He introduces different techniques for different types of subjects for better focus, including closeups, open aperture, action, and panning shots with beautiful photos. Take a look…

Mobile Photo Challenge: B&W (Woods and Deer)

The photo above was processed through Lightroom, then converted into B&W via the Silver Efex. The one below through Snapseed.


For Sally D’s Mobile Photo Challenge : Black and White. This week Sally is posting photomontage photos in B&W.

Sally explains, “In the Lens section are two images that have been converted to monochrome. Last week I posted the original photomontage, and these images are based on it. What the two images show are the power of a shift in perspective or position. With just a small movement within the moisture on the window, the result is a lift in mood.”

10 Quick iPhone Photography Tips from Digital Photography School:

1. Hold the phone like you would a camera

2. Zoom in with your feet

3. Shoot the same thing a few times

4. Light

9. Process!

10. Clutter: … Don’t have too much going on in your photo (Obviously, these two photos are not a cool examples. 🙂

Click for more tips

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Capturing The Moment (Egret)

For this week’s theme, Reminds us, “Sometimes, what matters more is the style and composition of the shot you’re trying to create. Whether you prefer a vintage look with grain and softer edges, or an image with razor-sharp focus, it all depends on the moment you hope to capture.”

When I saw the Egret standing on top of the tree, I wanted to capture it in photo. But, the sunlight was right above and behind the Egret. As I was clicking, another Egret flew by (that was a nice bonus), I was able to captured gracefulness of these two Egrets. Though they were not in focus, this was the moment I hoped to capture. 🙂

WPC: Focus


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