Monochrome Madness 4

Here are my submissions for Leanne Cole Monochrome Madness 4.


The first photo was taken in York City, England, edited through Lightroom, the second was with Canon 60 mm macro lens, and the last one was captured in a trail, edited in Silver Efex and added different filters.

MM is a great place to learn, share, and post your monochrome photos, I started my black and white photo with Leanne. The monthly challenge theme runs at the beginning of each month, the theme for June is Repetition. 

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WEEK 35 – From Above

A magnificent view from the above at Bandelier, New Mexico:

The photo below was taken outside of the Reagan Library. The building rests on a majestic hill overlooking the breathtaking views of Simi Valley, CA.

An unforgettable view over the El Tajo gorge from the Puente Nuevo:

The Girl That Dreams Awake 52 Weeks Photo Challenge for this week is From Above.

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The MoPOP Building: The EMP Museum

For Sally D’s Mobile Photo Challenge: Challenger’s choice.

MoPOP’s futuristic Frank O. Gehry designed building is constructed of over 21,000 aluminum and stainless steel shingles and 280 steel ribs. If its 400 tons of structural steel were stretched into the lightest banjo string it would extend one-fourth of the way to Venus.

This post is a follow-up of the post I did last Monday (Black and White). These two photos may give a better picture of Gehry’s unusual architecture design of the museum. The unusual curves, forms, and size of the building, it was fun to wander, but challenging to decide what to capture. I think iPhone 6 did a good job. To see more, visit

Sally’s choice is Siberian iris. She describes eloquently, “Every flower has its own narrative and personality. But some flatter your attention with gusto, and dazzle with design, intensity, patterns, vibrancy… Their lure is undeniable; their style is majestic.” Take a look

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Cee’s Which Way: California Coastline

A few more photos of the beautiful Southern California coastline.

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Pearl’s Brewhouse: A Transformation

The hotel building was originally Pearl’s Brewhouse, built in 1894 and a San Antonio landmark since. The building was designed by Chicago architect August Maritzen in the Second Empire style.

In 2002, Silver Ventures purchased the property and began the conscientious renovation and adaptive reuse process that has created today’s Pearl, a vibrant culinary and cultural village.

The great effort of preserving of the structure of the building and adding the Texan style has created a very unique hotel interior.

Here is a refreshing idea of using the original brewing tube to create a private space for customers.

The courtyard and gardens are pleasant and beautiful.

Currently, it’s between $400 and $800 per night for a room with a king size bed. I don’t have pictures, but you can view these rooms via their website.

The hotel is named in honor of Emma Koehler, a towering figure in Pearl history. Emma ran the brewery after her husband and Pearl president Otto Koehler died in 1914. She was an ingenious CEO who kept the brewery going during Prohibition by converting operations to dry cleaning and auto repair, and making near beer, ice cream and soda. While other breweries were shutting down, Emma kept her entire workforce employed. She turned over control of the company to a nephew in 1933, but was a formidable presence at the brewery until her death in 1947.  —Wikipedia

The transformation of this 1894 brewhouse has not only preserved part of the local history but the legacy of Emma Koehler. It now is a beautiful place where people can enjoy.

For WPC: Heritage

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OWPC: Foreground

Jennifer Nicholewells has an array of photo challenges, including One Word Photo Challenge and Weekly Weather. The week’s theme is foreground. Foreground means art of scene or space around object that appears closest to camera.

Here is my entry:


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Week 34 – Movement

M’s 52 Weeks Photo Challenge for this week is Movement.

Racing: This photo was taken in Austin during a major cycling event:

Exciting: As the waves moving forward, kids were so excited at the Southern California beach:

Relaxing: Canoeing with two birds at the Lady Bird Lake in Austin on a Sunday morning.

Do visit M’s fun, beautiful movement post !

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