Mobile Photo Challenge: Macro (Raindroplets)


It’s always a thrill to capture the beauty of nature in photo. but a great moment doesn’t guarantee a great photograph. You just have to keep trying. The other day, I heard a story on Youtube. The photographer had tried thousands of times to capture a surfer shot he really wanted. That day, everything went well and he thought he got one perfect shot, but he wasn’t sure the clarity. He said that when he was loading the photo onto his computer to see the result, he literally got down on his knees, “Please let this be the one…”. He did get exactly what he wanted.

Sally’s Lens and Pens Mobile Photo Challenge is always inspiring.

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59 thoughts on “Mobile Photo Challenge: Macro (Raindroplets)

  1. I love that picture, Amy. Speaking of macro-photography: that’s the only drwaback at the moment with my new Nikon D500. It won’t work together with the Sigma macro lens I have. At least not yet. I hope I can fix that.


    • Thank you, Pit. Sorry to hear the Sigma macro lens doesn’t work with your new Nikon.T
      his capture was a lucky one. The light rain stopped a few minutes before I got it, and my iPhone was facing the light, which helped I think.

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  3. Good morning, Amy. Beautiful photo! Simple and yet so much details to see. Love it!
    I don’t know about other people… I got down on my knees very often (after taking some photos). Ha.
    Have a great day.

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    • Good afternoon, Helen! Thank you for liking this image. I was surprised with the details. Facing the light with my iPhone might help to capture these many droplets, and the light was not too strong. 🙂
      I agree, getting down on knees can captures some cool shots. Thank you for the reminder 🙂

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