Mobile Photography Challenge: BnW (The Mall)

Above is a promotion display at the shopping mall in Bangkok. I pretty much depended my iPhone on taking photos when we were there, one of the reasons was the heat and humid especially in the afternoon, and, this is when most people go to the mall and to enjoy various international food.

Sally’s Mobile Photo Challenge for this week is Black and White. Please visit Lens and Pens by Sally.

Shopping malls in BBK are modern and beautiful. I found the public facilities in the mall are so amazing, I’d say many are better than some of the 5-star hotels. Those buttons are for cleaning the toilet seat.

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36 thoughts on “Mobile Photography Challenge: BnW (The Mall)

  1. Amy, I thoroughly enjoyed your monochromatic capture, which lends to the fascinating and inviting design display of jewelry. It also allows to focus on the lines that lead to (my guess) the man in charge of the display. Well done. Happy Photo Challenge.


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  3. Clever shot up there Amy! The first thing that came to mind when I saw it were the lyrics to that Beatles song “Nowhere Man”….. 🙂

    And you must see one of those Japanese loos, they’re probably a little more complex than the nuclear launch command console. 😀

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  4. Superb monochrome. Humidity! Yes, I remember not wanting to get out of air-conditioned taxi when arriving at Grand Palace even though it was the dream if a lifetime to visit it. 😊


    • Thank you, Helen. I agree, places we visited are so beautiful and pleasant, which made you forgive the heat and humidity. Morning and evening were very pleasant though. 🙂


  5. Great Amy! I have been using my iPhone a ton and used it for most of my recent pics in Acosta Rica. I have the 7 and given my ability it works out better for a lot of photos except where I need to zoom. It is too hard to carry tons a gear when I’m on the go as well and I’m still learning.


    • Isn’t it? Actually there are probably 8 additional buttons that I did get to it. If you push one, you have to wait it’s done before you push the next one. so it may take a while… 🙂

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