“It Never Rains In Southern California”

It didn’t rain last week when I was there, but rained like heck earlier in Southern California.

I don’t remember when it was the last time Southern California was this green and colorful.

I was listening to this song while working on the post. Albert ran out of bread and wanted to go home (an out-of-work actor realized that Hollywood wasn’t always the land of milk and honey.)  I had some breads, so didn’t wanna go home 🙂  🙂

WPC: Surprise

Happy Easter to those who celebrate Easter. 🙂

54 thoughts on ““It Never Rains In Southern California”

  1. Good morning, Amy. I am glad you have so many photos of green Ca. 😉 I have never seen that whenever I visited there. Every time I visited there, if I left the faucet running a little bit longer, I am talking about 20 seconds, my daughter would kindly remind me about the drought 😉
    Happy Easter to you and your family.

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    • Good morning to you, Helen. Thank you for your comment.
      Saving water has been our mission for a couple decades. I dump kitchen water into a bucket, hubby carries to our yard to water shrubs and flower beds every single day. 🙂 🙂

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      • Amy, when you say “kitchen water”, you don’t mean the soapy or oily water, right? I really want to learn more on how to save water. I try to wash them with less water — that’s all I manage to do. ;-(


        • Only the water that I use to wash veggies/ fruits and rinse dishes. I don’t let water run off the sink. Sometimes, we can dump more than 30 gal of water a day to our yard. Also, when we stay in the hotel, we don’t normally let them change towels and sheets. If we stay longer than a week, we let them do once in between.

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    • Years of drought had been devastating for SoCal! So many places in the world need more rain, much more…
      Thank you, Dragon! Easter break was too short. I wasn’t ready to come home. 🙂
      Happy travel!!


  3. We were in Southern California around the middle of March and had rain most of the week. Otherwise, it was beautiful weather. And so green. Amazing. Especially coming from a desert environment like we do.


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