Monday Walk: Texas Hill Country

The weekend before I flew to California, I took my Canon and drove to Hill Country. I expected see miles of wildflowers like last spring.  After driving for a while, I saw only a few spots filled with wildflowers.

I kept driving and ended at one of the HC towns. So I decided to park my car by the local park and take a walk around the lake.

Walked a little further, I was in a quiet residential area.

Boots and saddles for displays, you know you are in Texas. 🙂

I guess the combination of rain and cloudy days in Februrary and March did not wake up wildflowers this spring.

Submitting to Jo’s weekly Monday Walk.

Happy Tuesday!


Wildflowers In Texas (04/20/2016)

48 thoughts on “Monday Walk: Texas Hill Country

  1. Good morning, Amy,
    You’re right: the Texas Hill Country is a wonderful area to be, especially in spring. As to wildflowers: they are around, even if not everywhere in the same abundance as last spring. It seems to depend on which parts of the Hill Country got the winter rains. About 2 to 3 weeks ago we found some very nice spots on Hwy 16 N and on the Willow City Loop. We need to check soon [there should be great days for that this week] what is left.
    Have a wonderful day,
    P.S.: in which HC town did you capture the pictures shown here?


  2. You did manage to find some. It’s the opposite with the Algarve this year. There are heaps! 🙂 🙂 I especially like the gate with the propped up bike. Thanks a lot for joining me, Amy!


  3. Wildflowers are so different from one year to the next. It’s great that you have photos and memories of the abundance last year, Amy. And great to have the tranquil walk this spring. 🙂


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