Vivid: Flowers and Butterfly (WPC)

 _W5A8099-vivid 1




Simon shares stories of the places he has traveled through his “Simon Johnson of Clowne“. I always block a quiet moment to visit Simon’s site and have enjoyed reading the history, stories, and people of the towns/cities he takes us to. These places are beautiful through his lens, and even more so through his eloquent writings. “The Smallest City in England” is one of  my favorite posts. It’s the smallest city in England, but it’s a grand tour.

You don’t want to miss A-Z England and A Journal into Scotland. But, the”Mostly Concerning Food” is where Simon shares his passion for food and cooking; many beautiful dishes with delicious stories. Thank you, Simon!

Simon dsc_0317    simon dsc_0200


 is leading the Weekly Photo Challenge Vivid with his spectacular series of the VIVID Sydney for 2015.  Congratulations, Dragon! 🙂


WPC: Vivid

Happy Thursday!

59 thoughts on “Vivid: Flowers and Butterfly (WPC)

  1. great take on vivid – and that butterfly one is so artsy – with the one in focus and the one in a blur – and all that color – whew – gorgeous!


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