Cee Fun Foto: One (Deer) and Mono Madness (Egret)


While I was taking my Sunday morning trail walk, I saw this handsome guy standing there. He posed for jest a few seconds, long enough for me to snap a shot. Click HERE to enjoy Cee’s fun photos.


This week we get to view 46 fabulous mono photos in Leanne’s MM 2-14





57 thoughts on “Cee Fun Foto: One (Deer) and Mono Madness (Egret)

  1. Waou, how fortunate you were to be able not only to see him, but also to click! he’s so majestic, really beautiful. And how fortunate are we to have you sharing your stunning pic with us 🙂


    • Thank you Lola! He really was a gentleman; after I clicked, he slowly turned around and walked away gracious… 🙂 You, too, have a fun weekend. 🙂


  2. So beautiful!!!! And so lucky you had your camera!!! Just two days ago a saw a fox while walking with my bestias, but I could only look at him/her….
    Have a great weekend!!!!


    • Thank you, ilargia! I couldn’t have been luckier… I some a few times that I wish wither I had my camera or I wasn’t driving. 🙂 You, too, enjoy the weekend!


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