Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #193 – They Say It’s Your Birthday…

This week, John (Journeys with Johnbo) invites us to show what is special to you about birthdays.

“I try to see every day as a celebration.”  — Maya Angelou

Celebrating with colors.

I love to add more colors to our yard. This spring, I planted hydrangeas, daisies, and more for my birthday. 🙂

Celebrating with music. A group of people danced through the night to celebrate someone’s birthday on a cruise. 🙂

Celebrating with good food.

Oh yeah, travel and plan to travel. 🙂

“Be present in all things and thankful for all things.”   — Maya Angelou

Celebrating with surprises. When a good friend of mine told me about her mother’s birthday, I decided to make a photobook for her mother. My friend told me that her mother looked through the photobook a few times a day. And, even when her memory began to fade, she still insisted on flipping through the photobook every single day.


John’s Birthday theme reminds me of these amazing women. During the interview of CBS Sunday Morning, 89 years old Ellen Burstyn was talking about her new goal. Martha Stewart at 80 continues to teach cooking (on YouTube) and to publish. Tracee Ellis Ross at 50 said to Oprah, “I got older, I became more myself.”

Happy Birthday to you, John! Hope you will join us and share your happy moments. Please tag and make a link to JohnBo’s site. Many, many thanks to all of you for sharing your inspirig thoughts and beautiful photos for the earth story theme. I also loved to read about “Pigments made from earth around the world” and learned about the evidence of man’s response to earth long before our time.  As Lindy LeCoq said, “Wherever your camera takes you, please honor our earth…”, I know I will.

49 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #193 – They Say It’s Your Birthday…

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  2. Amy, I enjoyed seeing your great pictures this week and especially enjoyed reading about the photobook you made for your friend’s mother. So kind of you and it meant so much to her.


  3. These are all wonderful ways to celebrate, Amy. Travel, food, planting flowers, and so on. Beautiful photos, too. I love that you planted flowers and made a photo book for your friend’s mom. Take care and have a good week.

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  4. Wonderful colors in those flowers Amy! They can brighten any day. On another note I am reading The Book of Hope , Jane Goodall and Douglas Abrams. Today is her Birthday and she is the grand age of 88 and is still going strong!

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  5. Hi Amy / the down view of the cruise photo came right after those flowers and had such a beautiful floral feel even tho it was people dancing –
    Also / nice to end with the inspired quotes – good food for thought for birthdays and any days!

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  6. Loved your response on this one Amy! You covered the gamut of birthday celebrations and I love that you planted flowers for yours and did a book for someone else. Terrific! I did a similar thing for my cousin when her husband passed away. He was my inspiration for moving into digital photography (a long story). It was all photos of them in various events. She was so thrilled because as a photographer she had very few photos with him in it, whereas I had many. She said she looked at it every day.

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    • The photobook must mean a lot to your friend, Tina. My friend’s mother had an extroadinary life, so I decided to make a photobook for her though I have never met her mother before.


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