Lens-Artists Challenge #192: Earth Story

This week, our photo challenge theme is Earth Story. The natural world has many stories to tell. They are written on the ground, in the mountains and rivers, and on rocks and trees. Let’s share their stories through our lenses.

I begin the earth story with a mountain view from an airplane window.

“The mountains are calling and I must go.”  John Muir

From the mountains we move to the majesty of trees.

The oldest tree in the world is about 4,900 years old, some say it’s over 5,000 years old. Click here for more.

Twigs support leaves, flowers, and fruit. Branches give each tree a canopy that runs from the roots to the leaves. All give us the joyfulness of walking in the woods.

Lord Orrery describes the magnificence of trees beautifully:

“Trees are the best monuments that a man can erect to his own memory. They speak his praises without flattery, and they are blessings to children yet unborn”

About 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is water, and the oceans hold about 96.5 percent of all the Earth’s water.

We depend so much on water, there are some places that are always short of water. Recently, a friend of mine told to about the Transforming Rainwater into Opportunity in Central Africa. They travel there to teach and help people capture rainwater. As a result rainwater captured in a modest sized storage tank can provide a domestic water source for up to 9 months of the year for a typical home.

Hubby and I always recycle our kitchen water from raising veggie/fruits for watering our backyard plants. We have done so for 2 decades.

Water is never sitting still. Bow River, Canada:

When we are gazing layers and layers of the Grand Canyon walls, we actually are looking into the past.

Two billion years of geological history.

Finally, black streaks on a rock wall also have story to tell. These are desert varnish which may take as long as 10,000 years to develop. Glen Canyon National Park:

Many thanks to Ann-Christine for last week’s curve theme. We enjoy seeing the many beautiful curves in nature, architecture, and art. Inspiring, indeed.

This week, we hope you will join us in sharing earth story through your lens. As we share the beauty of natural world (mountains, sand, rocks, lakes, rivers, sea, plants…), I hope we also share our understanding of our earth. Make a link here. Tag your post so we can find you.

Let’s celebrate Arbor Day every day.

“Other holidays repose on the past. Arbor Day proposes the future.” — J. Sterling Morton

Next week, John (Journeys with Johnbo) will host LAPC #194. “For next challenge, be thinking about what is special to you regarding birthdays or anniversaries.” Be sure to visit John’s site.

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