This week, Michelle W wants us to share a photo that says Danger! to us. One of the action photo captures blow may say the danger Jr. S faces.

Mr. C has a feisty personality. It shows when he claims the feeder is his and Mrs. C’s territory.

S Jr. wants to eat. As soon as he lands by the feeder, the two go at it head-to-head.

S Jr. is in danger.

S Jr. has to leave…

But he keeps flying back just to irritate Mr. C.

WPC: Danger! 

Photos were taken through a kitchen window, please excuse these blurry photos.

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Have a great weekend!

60 thoughts on “Danger!

  1. Those cardinals are something else – they can be very territorial. Those little sparrows follow them all the time, at least in our yard – too bad the male cardinal was so stingy! Love watching all their activity though. Nice series of shots Amy!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Had I known Dragon is coming, they’d behaved themselves.
      Thank you for visiting!
      I so enjoyed your recent travel series. Awesome photos and great stories! 🙂 🙂


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