Birds In Flight

The bird feeder and some these birds may look familiar to you if you followed me last spring. This time I have birds in flight images for you. 🙂

See the Dove opens her wings and tail at the same time. It sure looks like she was dancing with a beautiful ruffle shirt.

Due to Dove’s size, it always a struggle for them to land on the bar of the feeder, which was designed for smaller birds.

See how Mr. D opened his wings and pushed his wings all the way to the back for a landing:

After some practices, this time Blue Jay Jr. has his legs up and keeps a good balance. He made it!

Miss. Sparrow is showing off her landing skills. Cardinal Jr. is watching, but not so thrilled.

Before everyone else shows up, Mrs. C decides to dance around the feeder.

I had my Canon set on a tripod, was patiently watching, waiting, and clicking through my kitchen window. I had no idea who was going to dash in/out, when his/she was going to slow down, or speed up, it all depends on the situation. So, I turned the AI Servo on and the continuous mode, pressed the cable button halfway (which made the battery drain fast).  99.99% of the time, I either fire up a half second early or late. My patience had been tested, say the least. 🙂  Out of several dozens of shots, only 5, 6 are okay.

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Will I see you again….

Thank you for visiting! 🙂

40 thoughts on “Birds In Flight

  1. Amy, we’re awaiting the appearance of hummingbirds, which have been sighted in Delaware. It’s such a fabulous time for those of us who are enamored with birds. I have squirrel-free feeders that are easier for the doves to feed upon. Of course, they are mostly ground feeders, but mine also use the feeders. Happy birding…


  2. Amy, these photos are so fun to see. On second thought, it has a lot to so with your description, too. 😉 It’s like watching a sports event!
    My neighbor has the same bird feeder, which I can see it though my window. But so far, I only see black/gray birds. I wonder why.
    Good night.

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  3. I have lots of photos of branches where the bird was but not even a bit of a bird flying away to compensate. Hard to get but you have got some great shots Amy


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