local Ranches


Texas has the most farms, land in farms, cattle & beef cows in the United States.

Texas has over 130 million acres of land in farms, has more acres of farmland than 48 states have acres including California.

— Texas Cattle & Ag Facts


In a local ranch, you get to meet the handsome horses;


not too far away, sheep are waiting on you; and



walk a litter further, you see chickens and turkey are running around.



As you may know it is the Monarch Butterfly migration season. Some fly as far as 3,000 miles through Texas to reach their winter home in Mexico.


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55 thoughts on “local Ranches

  1. Amy, we were at a Monarch butterfly sanctuary the other day and I found myself chatting with a woman visiting from Texas. She was telling me about the Monarch migration through Texas and how it is a relatively recent phenomena. According to her, Texas and Florida are relatively “new” on the flight path, and it’s very exciting. Your photos seem to show that you are doing well with them. That’s exciting!

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    • Thank you for sharing the pleasant conversation you has with the woman from Texas. I didn’t know it a new flight path, that is very exciting.
      Thank you, Debra for visiting and commenting. 🙂


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