Summer Is Not Over Yet



“Summer is not over yet as far as I’m concerned, !” I hear ya. 🙂

The weather must be cooler now in London than a month ago when we there. Here in Texas we are still dealing with high 80 F to low 90 F this week, hotter than normal.

Another submission to ‘s H2O (WPC)


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43 thoughts on “Summer Is Not Over Yet

  1. LOVE that geese shot, Amy!!! Wow!!! And the way you caught the kids playing in the water, another wow!!! Weather here is finally cooling off yet over this weekend back up to the 70’s. It’s been rather helter skelter getting fall pictures this year as I am keeping a close eye on the changes. 🙂 ❤

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  2. This is really a very unique photograph, Amy. I like the idea of doubles, or twins getting ready to take off! 🙂
    Up on Lake Erie it was about 15 degrees higher than down in mid-Ohio. I wish it were still hot outside but since we don’t have air-conditioning, I do like the cooler weather to work in.

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