Mobile Photo Challenge: Macro (Kimono)


The remarkable details of two kimono. I’m always fascinated with the beautiful colors, elegant designs, and special patterns of the Kimono.


Every stitch is carefully made…


The Victoria and Albert Museum has several impressive kimono collections.



iPhone 6 captured the details nicely. 🙂

Traditionally, kimonos are sewn by hand; even machine-made kimonos require substantial hand-stitching. Kimono fabrics are frequently hand-made and -decorated. Techniques such as yūzen dye resist are used for applying decoration and patterns to the base cloth.

A woman’s kimono may easily exceed US$10,000; a complete kimono outfit, with kimono, undergarments, obi, ties, socks, sandals, and accessories, can exceed US$20,000. A single obi may cost several thousand dollars.     More on Wikipedia

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Have a wonderful week!

33 thoughts on “Mobile Photo Challenge: Macro (Kimono)

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  2. Wow! Lovely fabrics! These reminded me of an exhibition at the National Museum in Delhi where they showcased Indian hand-embroidered fabrics from the 19th century, such detailed work! Thanks for sharing these Amy!
    And I think I’ll stick to my pjs….10,000 $!!!!! 😀


  3. Kimonos are traditionally made from a single bolt of fabric called a Tan and are sewn by hand… I love them though I can’t wear it in my country untill and unless I got a chance to go fashion competition..


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