Birding Adventure (Part 2): Go get them!

0W5A2214 4-12

Pelicans were the first group we saw.  As soon as Lori parked the boat there, theses pelicans started a non-stop flying show for us.


They know who is the leader. Amazingly, they know how to be a good follower.



It was fun to see Pelicans (top), Egrets (left side), and Whooping Cranes (right side) gathering in one area since Whooping Cranes are territorial. Well, that didn’t last long. Whooping cranes first chased Pelicans away, then Egrets had to go.

0W5A1096 4-12

This guy was hungry for breakfast. His eyes perked up, and he was ready to dive.

0W5A1091-Edit 4-12

In this competitive environment, birds know they have to be fast abd alert at all times.  “No kidding!”


Oystercatchers have only one thing in mind — Oysters. They use their long orange or red bills for smashing or prying open the shells. “Bon appetit!”

0W5A2251-Edit 4-12

Little guys know they have stick together as a team to survive. “Don’t mess with us!”

0W5A1167 4-12

So much we enjoy the beauty of nature, in reality, the competition for survivability in the wild is not always pretty. Birds know well that they have to stay strong in order to make thousands of miles of migration journey. “Go get ’em, buddy!”


Birds intentionally gorge themselves to put on as much fat as possible. Fat provides the greatest amount of energy per unite of weight for them.

Some birds require up to 2-3 days of constant feeding to build their fat reserves before their seasonal trip.

Birds enjoy the present, but do plan for the future.


Birding Adventure (part 1)


59 thoughts on “Birding Adventure (Part 2): Go get them!

  1. I also have a huge admiration for birds and these captures are absolutely stunning Amy! Very interesting info as well about birds. Thanks for sharing. ♥


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