My First Weekend Coffee Share (9 Images)

This post is in response to Diana at Part Time Monster’s #WeekendCoffeeShare. “…each weekend, bloggers publish posts about what they’d say to their readers if they were sitting down together over a cup of coffee. …”

Since Saturday is my WP day-off and Sunday my WPC day, my first “Weekend Coffee Share” thus got pushed to Monday. I hope it’s okay with Diana.

If I were having coffee with you, my friend, I would like to tell you how grateful we are for having consistent rain during the fall and good rain this spring. Flowers that I had not seen for a while due to the drought are making a comeback, more beautiful than ever before. Nature is resilient, indeed.

Some flowers are elegant,


others simple beautiful,



many are colorful,




and a few are very showy…

0W5A0181-Edit flower of D


If I were having coffee with you, I’d tell you that the Mayfield Park in Austin is an intimate cottage garden filled with various beautiful spring flowers and lots of happy bees and butterflies. Did I mention Peacocks? Hubby had a pleasant conversation with the gardener who proudly told the story of what they have accomplished last year and what he is planning to improve this year. While wandering around in the garden with my camera, I thought of Edwin Curran’s poem:

Flowers are the
music of the ground
From earth’s lips
spoken without sound

~ Edwin Curran


Hi Helen, This one is for you. Hope you find comfort from the beauty of these flowers and the music of nature in our unpredictable world. These flowers remind me of your resilience and graciousness. Please visit Helen’s (HHC Blog) delightful Nature Photo Challenge.

We will need so much more rain in the future (WPC: Future).

I have enjoyed Robin’s (Breezes At Dawn) Weekend Coffee Share. Robin has a special way to tell stories through her eloquent words and poetic photos.


Thank you for visiting! Have a great week. 🙂

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