Three In One (Flowers and Milkweeds)

Flowers Over Flowers

Flower over 9-10

Nalinki (Angle and Views) is having a weekly series: Flowers Over Flowers . Her idea is to bring some more colorful pics of nature into our blogosphere. Click HERE for more…


Cee’s Flower of the Day

Flower of the day 9-10

Cee’s Fun Foto: Sense Of Touch

 IMG_9353 (2) 9-6

Common Milkweed is an important plant because so many species of insects depend on it. Monarch Butterflies only eat milkweed, and can’t survive without it. Click the logo to join:


Thank you for visiting! Happy Tuesday 🙂

42 thoughts on “Three In One (Flowers and Milkweeds)

  1. So much charm in all three Amy!The first purple beauty looks like a spring wreath,the second is like a rotating pulsar star and the third feels like soft silk!I think,it’s also named silkweed,dear friend and there is no wonder why after seeing your fascinating photo 🙂 ❤ xxx


  2. You certainly did enlighten the blogosphere, Amy. Lovely photos of spirited beauty. I love the color and texture of the first one, hydrangea; and you really captured well the delicate softness of the milkweed. 😀


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