Happiness is a day at the beach…

Beaches are almost the same everywhere, blue sky, sea, sands… At the Kona Beach, we did not walk much at all. Instead of posting my regular Monday walk, I’d like to entertain you with some fun stories that I heard while sitting on the beach. People there are very relaxing, they love to tell stories, also volunteer to tell their personal stories without asking, “Where are you from??” etc.


Before we went to the turtle beach, our local tour guide warned us that we must respect to turtles and follow the rules. “There are guards out there protecting them and watching you guys.” He said, “A person kicked a turtle and was caught by the guard; he was fined $3,000. I’m not making this up!”  


Have you heard that some people make money while they are sleeping?  Well, we all know that both Paul Allen and Bill Gates do. Paul Allen comes to the Big Island for his winter vacation every other year. When Paul shows up, people know. He comes with his own gigantic ship, and two smaller boats are attached to it. The size of the smaller boat is not small, it’s like twice as big as a full-size tour bus, plus a big helicopter is parked in the back of his ship. The boat below is just too small for Paul. 


Part of the Big Island is pretty isolated, it has no water pipelines and no electricity. The land is for sell at around $1 million an acre. When Wilson Greatbatch decided to live here, he didn’t buy 2 acres, he bought some 20 acres. He built a huge mansion with gardens, three tennis courts, and swimming pools. In case you haven’t heard about him, Wilson Greatbatch (1919 – 2011) invented the Implantable Pacemaker and held more than 350 patents. 

The mini houseboat below is quite cool. It even has a tiny patio and a car garage, plus a small boat and a few palm trees. It floats along the water day and night. I’m fine with this little boat. 


Moving on… we noticed that many local people actually came from the US Mainland, e.g. New York, Michigan, Chicago, California…  For example, Rachel came here some 20 years ago and decided to stay, she said that she heard from her friend about 1.80 per gallon gasoline in Michigan, but Rachel said to her friend, “Keep you $1.80 per gallon. $3.75 a gallon, so what… I’m living in Hawaii!”  Okay, Rachel, but we love $1.80 per gallon, so we can save pennies for the next Hawaii vacation. 😀  


There are many resorts along the beach. One of these was bought back by the previous owner of the land. Why? Because he hated the building of the resort. Last year, he bought the resort. Now he is going to demolish it and rebuild a resort he likes. I’m so sure he is one of those who makes money while sleeping.


Lot of birds flew here and decided to stay.  


Happiness is a day at the beach, indeed. 🙂

Have a great week! 

90 thoughts on “Happiness is a day at the beach…

    • They grow the best coffee because of the volcanic soil and weather. I had two, three cups every day when we were there. 🙂 Thank you for reading, Hien!


  1. Amy, I just plunged right into this post and I still have yet to come up for air. OH! Just OH!!! Hawaii has been a dream of mine all my life and here you are, showing me my Dream. The blue, the colors, the birds, the plants, and flowers. OHHHHHHH!!!! Not coming up for a LONG time. I am staying right here, Ame. (((HUGS))) Amy


  2. I love the photos, Amy. We just arrived home from a little more than a week on Kauai. I haven’t even started going through the 2,000 photos I took. LOL! Everywhere you look it’s just overwhelming. We love Hawaii…and haven’t been on the Big Island yet. Maybe next time! 🙂


    • Wow, 2,000 pics, I had less than 1,000 7 days 🙂 I haven’t been Kauai, the Big Island is big, the east side is so different from west. Thank you for visiting and commenting. 🙂


  3. Lovely photos of the beach, Amy. I like the houseboat one. Never seen anything like that, a holiday house on the sea. I don’t know if I’ll like to live there – must be windy and shaking all the time 🙂


    • Forgot to say, I love that hose boat. 😉 I visited some boat houses in the river here. They are nice, but they don’t move around, just park there. And they don’t have palm trees. Helen


  4. Gulp! I think happiness is having more that $4 to purchase gasoline to go around the island. OMG, what a story to go with your photos. Thank you, Amy. I enjoyed looking and reading.


  5. Beautiful images and even more interesting notes 🙂

    Especially on people who makes money even while asleep 🙂

    This is an incredible place to explore once in life….

    Thank you so much for sharing, Amy 🙂


  6. That was not like a lovely Monday Walk,it was a splendid journey around the gorgeous beaches of the island and beautiful nature ! A fabulous series of photos acompanied by captivating stories and interesting info about life there!Great extended work my lovely Amy,a brilliant compelling post! Stunned by your photos,you are really blessed in photographic ability ! Loved the beautiful Java Sparrow and the protected turtle! So much in one post my friend! Sending Love and hugs your way , Doda 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤ xxx


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