Three In One (Black and White)

This week, we have three different black and white photo challenges, Cee’s Black and White, Monochrome Madness, and Jude’s Bench Series, so I decided to include my three photo submissions in one post. 


The above photo shows the bushy texture and the water reflections. This one goes to Cee’s Black and White: Texture.  Btw, in case you wonder why the background is so dark, I manually set the “brightness’ low to get a little better capture of the white feather. Any tips for me, Ingrid and Hien? 

These two egret photos were taken on a cloudy and warmer Sunday morning. There were a few birds in the lake, and the egret was all by himself looking for fish. Three guys were fishing on the other side of the lake. They talked a lot, one was saying something like he didn’t like people to tell him what to do…  He was so loud that I could hear it from this end. Birds were very much annoyed, they kept a good distance from these guys.


Monochrome Madness is entering the 48th week. This flying egret is for you, Leanne.


Jude’s Bench series #5 calls for Black and White. This is my first entry for her bench series.  Click HERE to view various beautiful bench photos. 

Jeff made a great effort to explain photo depth, converging lines, foreground, and vertical through his Depth, Creating The Illusion post. He also uses his exquisite images to demo how he apples these theories. You really don’t want to miss it. Thank you so much, Jeff!

black-and-white logo

Happy Thursday! 🙂 

92 thoughts on “Three In One (Black and White)

  1. Lovely these Amy. I need to get some B&W going for these challenges, a new one for me. My new laptop came with a new programme for editing and so it’s been a major learning curve with everything but I’ll get there eventually! Have a lovely weekend 🙂


  2. Love the contrast of the egret against the muted, textured background of grasses and water! Very effective indeed 🙂 What do you use to process your images? I like using a combo of Lightroom and Nik Software. With them I can make precise adjustments to different areas of the image.


    • Thank you so much for your compliment, Sarah! I did very basic editing, I had to bring up some lights for the frist shot, and I did some cleaning up work with Lr for the second one. I don’t have Nik yet. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Do you ever use the selective brush tool in LR? It’s great for defining particular features of the image. I use it quite a lot! Often darkening and reducing clarity and noise to backgrounds and adding brightness or contrast to my subjects. All depends on what the subject is of course!


      • Yes,they do,but not when we go to UK.They mostly do domestic touarism … lol ❤ PS : Loved your public page on Flickr,you made a powerful start with the whale performance and the beautiful bird on the wing ! Anne is a real gem like you,and I was glad to see her visits to your wondrous photos.I think,if you follow her,she will follow you back.Have you seen my comments there ? Have a brilliant day my lovely friend 🙂 ❤ xoxoxox


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