LAPC #229 – Perfect Patterns

This week, Ann-Christine leads the Perfect Patterns.  She encourages us “to find perfect patterns”. For this challenge, I choose geometric patterns that I saw at the Alhambra in Granada.

Geometric patterns were common in Islamic architecture generally and across Moorish architecture. At the Alhambra, we saw stunning perfect patterns from abstract geometry to floral-inspired motifs and Arabic calligraphy.

Moorish designs are often intricately carved with repeating, abstract patterns.

This wooden ceiling below at the Alhambra at the Alhambra composed of 8,017 individual wooden pieces joined together into a pyramid-like dome, consists of a recurring 16-pointed star motif which is believed to have symbolized the Seven Heavens of Paradise.

As each ceramic piece was connected with other pieces, the angle of each must be accurately measured enabling each neighboring piece to be joined perfectly into geometry patterns.

Eight-pointed and sixteen-pointed star motifs tilework:

Last but not least, the beautiful patterns of the window frame at the Alhambra:

Here is the story behind these pattern. As he handed the key to Ferdinand, Boabdil started to dismount and bow before Ferdinand. But Ferdinand would not let him, honoring his former foe as a worthy adversary.

Queen Isabella added only one Catholic statue to the Moorish Alhambra Palace. The interior of the Alhambra remained relatively untouched.

Many thanks to AC for this inspiring challenge. It has given me a chance to “travel” to Alhmbra through my archieves. It really is a treat to view AC’s images of perfect pattern! Click here to enjoy and join us.

Thanks to Patti for last week’s Diagonals. Thank you for showing us the beauty of diagonals. around us.

Next week, it’s Tina’s turn, so be sure to visit her site for LAPC #230.

58 thoughts on “LAPC #229 – Perfect Patterns

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  2. Alhambra is the perfect place for perfect patterns – well chosen, Amy! They really were experts in this and hopefully these treasures will remain for future gnerations to admire. Thank you for taking us!

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