Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #147: Gardens

This week, our LAPC theme invites you to share the beauty of gardens.

“The garden as a memory of lost paradise is a subject found throughout human history — in religion, poetry, fine arts, and science. The idea of paradise is a projection of wishes and desires that cannot be attained on Earth — a garden becomes its earthy reflection.”

— Johann Kraftner

One of the beautiful elements of Chinese gardens is red painted bridges. They symbolize of the flow of life, connectivity, and the freedom of going from one point to another.

Lan Su Garden, Portland:

This is how Johann Kraftner describes the idea behind the winding path of Chinese gardens –“Its irregular configuration, which gives the illusion that it cannot be beheld in its entirely, encourages this effect.”

Here at the Lan Su Garden, a winding road leads you to an elegant moon door; it then opens to a small garden before you step into a traditional reading room. Lan Su Garden, Portland:

The most important material in the Japanese garden is stone. It symbolizes an island in the sea or an animal or gods who have descended from heaven.

The River Walk in San Antonio, TX is a unique urban garden concept. Walking along the river, people can enjoy various beautiful gardens:

Chihuly once said that memories of his mother’s garden serve as inspiration for these “gardens of glass”. His Mille Fiori– Italian (in Seattle) for “a thousand flowers” is a magical place:

A lovely miniature garden at a local nursery:

Special thanks to Patti for her inspiring theme last week. You have shown us many creative ways to focus on details through your lens.

We are looking forward to seeing photos of the gardens you have visited, your own garden, or your experience of gardening. In your post this week, please include a link to my original post here and use the Lens-Artists tag so that everyone can find your post in the WP Reader.

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