Cee’s On the Hunt for Joy Challenge: Week 1 – Get Outside

This post is inspired by Cee’s new Challenge –” On the Hunt for Joy”

Last weekend Austin was at low 70 F during daytime. It was a perfect day to be out in park and the lake. Many people were there walking, jogging, and canoeing, others just sit by the Lady Bird Lake and enjoying the beautiful sunshine.

Cee’s also shares  Ingrid Fetell Lee quote, “Get Outside.  Nature quiets the part of the brain that can’t help sweating the small stuff, reducing stress and restoring our ability to concentrate.  Take note: research shows we forget how good we’ll feel after a walk in the park, so give this one a try even if you don’t feel like it!”

Click to visit Cee’s First them Get Outside for the “On the Hunt for Joy”. Join us!


38 thoughts on “Cee’s On the Hunt for Joy Challenge: Week 1 – Get Outside

  1. Many people have complimented your panning shots and I have to add my compliment too! Well done! I can only half-agree about practicing because it is only valid for a day and if I attempt it on another day, then I have to practice all over again, haha.

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    • Good morning Jeremy! I remember your perfect panning shot, have no idea how you get it. These two here are not good shots by panning standard, may be fun action shots.
      Your comment just answered my questions. I was walking at the park last weekend and bikers were there. Each pedaled at different speed, on up and down hills. I was thinking how one could practice panning and expect to do better. Thank you so much for your comment. 🙂


  2. A day spent outdoors almost always brings me joy, Amy. And a warm winter day is exceptionally pleasing. I love your photos and the way they show action and direction. I can feel the joy!


  3. Honestly, I could use a long bike ride now. With the low temperatures and the ice on the road, that really won’t happen. Perhaps a nice walk. Thanks for the inspiration.


  4. Oh Amy, I adore your “action” photos for this week. I can’t believe you had 70 weather. This morning we are 40s and foggy. Got to admit is is pretty though. What a great entry for the premiere week. 😀

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