Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #7: Everyday Moments (Dutch Countryside)

There are numerous moments happening in our every day lives. Many tell stories and are worth recording in photos.

While visiting Amsterdam, we also had a chance to visit the Dutch countryside. Here are some of captures of their beautiful and peaceful everyday moments.

Here, you see water running through the front or back yard.

Perhaps, enjoy sheep, cows, and ducks from the patio.

After visiting Dutch villages Claude Monet said, “There is enough here to paint for an entire lifetime.”

Every moment is a fresh beginning.    — T. S. Eliot

Photos were captured with iPhone 8+.

Join us and share some photos of your own everyday moments whether at home of while you travelling

Tune in on Saturday (July 28th) when Tina of Travels and Trifles will host our Lens Artists Photo Challenge.

Have you seen these:

Brenda’s Patterns. Brenda has a unique way to capture patterns.

Gilly’s recycled Patterns. These patterns are beautifully made.

Abrie’s Patterns of the heart. So very special…



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195 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #7: Everyday Moments (Dutch Countryside)

  1. Amy – such a serene collection of photos and it does seem like content Monet would love.
    My favorite image for composition is the second one. The animals in the foreground led me eye right into the that’s tasty back and then thru again and again.

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  3. Wonderful images they make me want to go there and walk around. I love the richness of color and all the green (so lacking here in California). Monet’s words resonate fully for me. Thanks for your post and the invitation.

    Liked by 1 person

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    • The countryside is very photogenic. The water, birds, sheep… just so lovely out there!
      Thank you so much for your “colouring a grey day”, Laura!


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  15. Just a heads up, I sent a pingback from Cactus Haiku but it’s not showing. So I put the url in a comment and it’s not showing either although the other comment I posted later is. You might check to see if my pingback or url comment went into the spam folder. It’s a dog haiku with a photo of a dog with his toy — which is the photo of the everyday moment.


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  20. Hi Amy these are wonderful captures if a Dutch ruburb. Well if it is suburbs in a city I suppose it is ruburbs in rural areas. Let me rather cancel my attempt to create a new word as it sound too much like a rude burb!
    Thanks for mentioning my post really appreciate it. While I saw this yesterday I did nor have a clue what to post for this challenge but having slept over it I may have an idea. But first I owe my home language bloggers a post.

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  37. Lovely images Amy. You have made me realise I’ve never hd time in the countryside on my visits to the Netherlands. I should put that right, I can see that from you photos. I love the last but one image, where we share the view of the house to the left, and gaze out to openness and a windmill.
    I have chosen to share some images of school life in a Maasai village in Tanzania. https://travelwithintent.com/2018/08/21/tanzania-school-life-maasai/

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Debbie! It took almost half day to make this trip to the countryside. So glad you are participating the L-A Challenge. The “tanzania school life” is very special. Thank you for taking us there. 🙂


  38. What beautiful pictures of the Dutch countryside! How wonderful you got to experience this special place! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Aren’t cell phones amazing! I have been using an iPhone 7plus and it’s wonderful!!

    Liked by 1 person

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