CFFC: Isolated Subjects (Flower and Seeing what you don’t see)

“If you hone your reflexes, you’ll respond more quickly to capture a fleeting moment;

likewise, if you’ve developed your artistic vision, you stand a much better chance of capturing a moment creatively.”

“Creative Nature and Outdoor Photography” by Brenda Tharp

In The Magic Of Belle Isle, a young girl asks Morgan Freeman (Monte) to teach her to be creative. Morgan says, “Seeing what you don’t see.”
Weeks later, before he leaves the Belle Isle, he says to the girl, ” Six years ago, Mary died… and Jubal went with her. All doors closed, bolted shut. Until one day a nine year-old girl named Finnegan O’Neil showed up at my door and gave me back my legs. ” “How did I do that?” “By believing with me. That’s how I was able to dance in the moonlight.” “You danced?” “In my mind. I sure did.”

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30 thoughts on “CFFC: Isolated Subjects (Flower and Seeing what you don’t see)

  1. Good morning, Amy! I like the last picture the best. You did an excellent job isolating the main motif. Oh, and I really like the quote. Very inspiring.
    Have a great day,


    • Good morning to you, Pit! I agree, the quote is inspiring. 🙂 The last image was taken last weekend under the early morning sun. 🙂 Today is a cloudy day.


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