Cee’s B&W Challenge: Texas Countryside

0W5A3975-Edit-Jubilant 2

Driving or walking through the Texas countryside, you can enjoy the beautiful scenes of horses, cattle, ranches, and barns.

0W5A3750-Jubilant 2

IMG_2173 mm

0W5A0847-Edit mm

Cee is asking us to pick our own topic for this week’s B&W Challenge.

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44 thoughts on “Cee’s B&W Challenge: Texas Countryside

  1. Good morning, Amy,
    Isn’t that 2nd picture (from the top) on Hwy 87, on the right, just before you reach Fredericksburg when you come up from Comfort? It looks really familiar to me.
    Have a wonderful weekend [even if it may be rainy},

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  2. I have just left from the beautifully punctuated Texan landscapes …
    Your monochromatic photography is equally magnificent,Amy!Wonderful countryside scenes,they are so classic and have a nice vintage feeling.The first one with the horses is my favourire one and you know that.Happy Sunday,dear friend 🙂 xxx
    PS:Thank you so much for all the brilliant colours you spread on the canvas of our lives,The First Time,with the baby’s first poses … and especially for the Jubilant Dancing …. xxx


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