Monday Walk: Walking Along The Lake, Austin Pt 2

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Lady Bird Lake is a jewel of the Austinite way of life, A great place you can walk/run around it, kayak in it, ride a boat through it, paddleboard…  actually is more like a river than a lake.

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This part of the lake a few miles away from the Downtown area.

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You are not allow to swim in the lake, but here is a popular swimming pool by the lake :

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_MG_0519 - 9-28

Dogs get to paddleboard, “Are you having fun, bubby?” 🙂

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“What are we waiting for, mom?”

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Submitting to Jo’s Monday Walk. So glad Jo is back from her vacation. This week she is taking us to YNIEC MONASTERY for a beautiful walk.


Have a great week! 🙂

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