Monday Walk: Texas Hill Country


Wildflowers in Texas were at its peak time last weekend, stretching from roadsides to the sides of highways. Pleasant scenes didn’t last 30 minutes, it actually lasted the entire 2 hours while we were driving through the Hill Country.



It was a perfect day for runners. Part of the country road was blocked for the weekend running program; there were many beautiful, happy runners. 🙂_W5A4623_

Muleshoe Bend Park was loaded with bluebonnets along the river as long as 6 miles. Btw, the bluebonnet is the State flower of Texas.


The peak time of bluebonnets was over a week ago, so the park wasn’t as crowded as the past couple of weekends.

This park is also a popular place for camping, where you can bike, hike, and/or walk during the daytime and enjoy BBQ grill and beer in the evening.





If I remember correctly, I met Rashmik through WP Photo 101 last year. I have enjoyed her Soul N Spirit blog since. Last week, she told a story of her grand tour. This is how she describes her first two beautiful photos,”The early morning sunlight penetrated through the huge canopy of trees. The rays looked golden. Darkness eloped and dawn woke up slowly stretching its arms.”  Then… the tigress! “She looked absolutely graceful yet wild, ferocious yet quiet…She walked few meters on the road. I was clicking like crazy.” Click HERE to read more and view her stunning shots.


Jo is taking us to see DAFFODILS IN FARNDALE. Click HERE to see gorgeous photos daffodils and Farndale.


66 thoughts on “Monday Walk: Texas Hill Country

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  2. Hey Amy – thanks for this spring stroll thru the lovely backroads of Texas – the smiling runner is my fav – but it all gives a feel for this nice area – pleasant is such good word for it


    • They last only three weeks, the peak time is only two weeks. That’s probably why everyone is out in the fields during its peak time. Love to share my walk with you. It’s a very beautiful, thoughtful theme. Thanks to you, Jo!

      Liked by 1 person

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