1 Day 1 World Project 9:00 am – 10:00 am



This little girl was happy to see the beautiful swan and so excited when the swan was approaching her.

Then, she had to watch the swan gliding away. “When will I see you again?” she wondered…  


9a – 10a

These photos were at 9:09 am, to be precise. 🙂  I wish I had time to adjusted my camera to get better pics of the swan. I love the Mute Swans that Hein posted, so very beautiful and graceful.

I learned about life with all the hardship I could
and it taught me how to forget it to live it.

— Mahmoud Darwish, “Perfection is the same as imperfection,”

A River Dies of Thirst

Thank you so much for sharing this eloquent quote, dear Seeker! Read the complete quote click Here… 

Lisa’s 1 day 1 world Project idea is to “build a virtual 24 hour day filled with images from around the world”.  Share your day of the hour and have fun :)

Thank you so much for visiting! Happy Wednesday 🙂 

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