Monday Walk: Yoga On Water

09 Austin 06

While I was taking my morning walk along the river, I saw Ms. Gorgeous was doing her yoga.  

I walked a little closer, “Good morning, Ms. Gorgeous! Practicing yoga on water, how cool is that.” She said,”I do yoga every morning. I like it.” “You know… I also like to start my morning with yoga.”  

09 Austin 5

“You do? Can you stand on one leg?”  “Yep.” I said.

09 Austin 05

“Twist you neck like this?”  “Wow, that is impressive! No…I can’t. “


Just a few feet away, the little one was learning from her mom, “Look, look Mom! I can stand on one leg!” “Yay!!!” 

Enjoy JO’S MONDAY WALK : GLIDING HIGH and other entries…

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82 thoughts on “Monday Walk: Yoga On Water

          • LOL I am not going back tonight. I have Yoga tonight. Perhaps tomorrow. I HOPE. If not, the photos I got will knock your socks off, and I mean that! They are so intense I can only look at them for a little bit. I have NEVER seen such a RED sunset as I did last evening. Never, Amy! And I got it! That will be coming either tomorrow or Weds. Love, Amy


              • It’s strange, Amy. Some trees are almost bare. While others are still mostly or all green. I’m attempting to get all of Autumn as it goes along. The one photo that is coming where I show my car, all those trees you will see are just about bare …. TWO days after I took the photo. So things are moving fast. I really don’t want to go to Yoga but instead go back to where I was to see if there is another explosion in the sky this evening. I didn’t go there for sky. I went there for foliage and THIS event was unexpected. Hence, my lens I needed to get a FULL sky was in the trunk of my car. GROAN. Amy, I always carry that darn backpack with me, and this ONE time I was sure I wouldn’t need, and wouldn’t you know, I needed it. Go figure!!! LOL (((HUGS))) Amy


    • What a sweet thing to say… Helen. I’m so touched. I appreciate the time we spending on sharing our stories and photos with each other. Love to hear from you, always!


  1. I can never,ever miss your Monday walks dear Amy ! They are always filled with fresh air and beautiful shots tenderly embraced by nature ! Ms. Gorgeous’ Yoga performances are totally fascinating and so is the story of your heroes!The young one is totally adorable and the bluish clusters of the wild flower wrote a charming epilogue ! Have a wonderful new week ! Love and hugs as always 🙂


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