The Scale of Tokyo International Forum

This magnificent building is Tokyo’s convention and art center.

The large-scale cultural complex has a total of 11 floors above the ground and three basement floors, a total floor area of 145,000 square meters.

Hall A has 5,012 seats with 16-language simultaneous interpreting systems that assure complete support for full-scale international conferences.

The first photo was taken during the daytime and the second one was in the early evening.

Both were captured with iPhone 6+.

WPC: Scale

Awaiting A New Discovery

Awaiting a new discovery in Rocky Mountain Nation Park.

6:24 am

7:45 am

6:33 am

Captured in three different mornings and places at Rocky Mountain NP.

There are some advantages of traveling in fall. Weather is cooler for one and most youngsters are back to school. That said, I will be on the road again, be back on the 2nd week of October.

Thank you for visiting. 🙂

How the digital camera changed our lives

We take photos anytime, anywhere.

We want to share our photos in the blogosphere.

 Sometimes, we are up at the crack of dawn to get early morning shots.

Some of us don’t mind taking photos on a cold and windy day.

We make sure our camera “baby” is dry.

We wanna be better photographers.

It’s a long hard journey, no matter what kind of camera you own or gears you have. 🙂

Keep clicking. Has your digital camera changed you life?

Btw, I’ll be late on replying your comment. 🙂

The more you look, the more you find…

Rocky Mountain NP is in layer of breathtaking scenery. The 6-mile hiking was worth. 🙂

WPC: Layered

Guess Who’s Coming To Picnic

While driving on a road outside of Estes Park, we noticed people standing by the creek. Off the car, we saw an Elk wandering in the woods and making marks for his territory.

He kept walking and making marks. Camera, phone, and iPad were all aimed on him.

Meanwhile, Elk family had already parked at someone’s backyard. Papa joined them after making marks, he then started checking the safety of the picnic area for his family.

“Can we stay here, papa?” The little one asked.

“Okay. Stay with your mum. Be good!”

Once papa Elk gave an approval, the family situated by the picnic tables. Mama Elks and big sisters were sitting in circle and three little ones were placed in the center.

Papa found a shady spot nearby, he wasn’t resting though. He kept his eyes on the south side of the picnic area.

A bunch of us were watching them quietly through the trees and bushes. Papa Elk didn’t mind the camera clicks.

WPC: Layered

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XDrive Photo Lesson – 10 – Black & Whites

Raj’s Photo Less 10 is about black and white–why and when a photo needs to convert them to B&W; I always have hard time to decide which and when… Raj makes it easier for us to understand the B&W conversion. Sometimes, I choose the photo that has some white or black. Click to view the large version.

The one below was captured with iPhone.

There were many serious photographers everywhere in Rocky Mountain National Park. This beautiful young photographer climbed up to the top of the rock with her Canon D1 (7.2 pounds) and a heavy lens. As I was looking up, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to photograph her.

1/800 sec. f11 ISO 100

Below was taken in San Francisco downtown with my iPhone.

Looking forward to hearing your critics, Raj!

Raj’s Photo Less 10


In addition to the critics and suggestions for our weekly submissions, Raj provides a Monthly Review for the XDrive Photo community.

Comment from Raj: Since the horse has longer face, I thought the longer frame would work better than the square frame:

Raj: Removed the “non contributing” horse and distractions from the image:

Raj: Just improving the framing: (I think Raj did more than improving the framing.)

Raj: If your image has something special, enhance it.

“Before” is my submission and “after” is Raj’s edit. He also did for other bloggers’ photos. Take a look.

Can’t thank you enough, Raj!

Green Fades to Gold

The mix colors of yellow and orange paint the hillsides of Rocky Mountain National Park.

The color of Aspen trees is gorgeous in fall.  It also plays an important role in the ecosystem as food for elk, deer, beavers, and a number of other rodents living under and around their distinctive white trunks.

Aspen trees are stems of one plant. All these connected aspen stems, known more accurately as a clone, turn color and lose leaves in the fall in unison because they are one plant.

It was such a treat to capture nature’s colorful display.

Happy autumn!

WPC: Layered

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