CFFC: Nature (Sept. 2022)

Here is my entry:


These photos were taken through my iPhone while driving through this part of Wyoming. This was our first time visiting this part of the country.

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LAPC #215 – Planes, Trains… and the Places They Take Us

This week, John (Journeys with Johnbo) leads the “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles… and the Places They Take Us”. John encourages us to share images of our travel journeys.

Ahh… so good to be back on the road again! The Bison at the Yellowstone was no hurry. 🙂

Bus tour gives us a wonderful convenience of sightseeings, especially in a city that you are not familiar with. But… it’s challenging to take good photos on a bus. Below is our trip to London:

When we travel, we enjoy riding public transportations. The Brightline in Miami is easy to get on and off.

It’s fun to travel on a cruise. And, we have done a few times.

You can enjoy these fabulous scenes from your balcony or walk up to the deck. The best part is that you don’t need to pack/unpack your luggage for the next stop.

On the cruise to Alaska, I tried to burn some calories by walking around the ship, some 5 miles per day and using their workout facility. I also enjoyed their daily yoga and easy chi-kung before breakfast.

Our best train experience is in Japan, the train and station are meticulously clean, and staff members wear white gloves. If the train is scheduled at 7:58 am, it is not 8:00 am. The door closes and the engine starts at 7:58 precisely. You just can’t beat that.

“Japan is endlessly, endlessly interesting to me…”

“If I had to eat only in one city for the rest of my life, Tokyo would be it.”

–Anthony Bourdain

The train riding to Muchu Picchu was a memorable adventure.

At the San Francisco airport, you can order coffee through your cell phone, the robot coffee maker makes it right in front of you. They also provide drinking water stations allowing people to select ice cold water, warm water, or hot water.

Murals make the long walk from gate to gate at the airport more interesting. Salt Lake City Airport:

San Francisco Airport:

Uber is cool. You can select the size of the vehicle and the app tells you when/where the uber is coming. Riding uber, we get to hear stories from the driver. One driver told us that he got bored after retired from HP though he played golf a couple of times a week. One day, his golf partner told him about Uber. He said that he enjoyed giving people rides ever since. Another driver said that he was a truck driver, when their kids were gone to college, his wife asked him to come back home, so he started uber. 🙂 The other day, I rode with a college student driver. Most of the time, he drives on Friday night and weekends. His uber income helps pay for his apartment and other expenses.

A beautiful sunrising scene at the Yellowston Lake:

Many thanks to Ann-Christine’s “Favorite Finds”. It was fun and inspiring! Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos and finds.

All these transportations, services, and so many hard-working people behind the scene make our travels easy, possible, and enjoyable, and I don’t take them for granted. Special thanks to John’s thoughtful theme. For this challenge, John wants us to focus on our travel journey. Click here to view John’s travels. We hope you’ll join us.

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LAPC #214 Favourite Finds

This week, Ann-Christine leads LAPC –Favorite Finds. A-C encourages us to share our finds, from grandmother’s closet to museum, nature, and more.

I found beautiful and unique collections at the Indian Museum of North America in the Crazy Horse Memorial, South Dakota.

This beautiful breechclout aprons was given to the donor’s mother in the early 1900:

The Indian Museum has about the same annual visitation as the National Museum of the American Indian at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC. Close to 90% of the art and artifacts have been donated by generous individuals, including many Native Americans.

Native artists from throughout North America spend much of the summer at Crazy Horse to share their creativity, create new works.

The Museum, designed to complement the story being told in stone on the Mountain, presents the lives of American Indians and preserves Native Culture for future generations.

At the museum, I bought a horse hair pottery made by Navajo Artist. These are the stoneware collection:

Beautiful wooden ceiling:

We flew back from our trip last night, and our flight was on time and everything went smoothly at the airport. I’m pretty late in submitting my post this week.

Thank you for joining in last week’s Here Comes the Sun theme. I’m inspired by your beautiful sunlight images throughout the day and around the world.

On the road, we were in the area that has no wifi or very slow connection, so I was able to access WP. I saw quite a few more entries this morning. I apologize for not being able to visit your site and/or to reply your wonderful comment.

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Next week John will be our host, and his theme will be: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles…and the places they take us to visit.

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