Land Of Ceaseless Change

Natural world changes from hour to hour, day to night, and day to day by forces, lights, and various movements.

 It is a thrill to be able to capture the miracle moment of such change.

The point is really the process of seeing wonderful moments and beauty everywhere, and trying to make those moments stay by capturing them in our memory as well as on memory cards.

— Brenda Tharp

Submitting to WPC: Temporary

10 of the biggest man-made changes to the natural world


XDrive Photography Learning– Post Processing (Before and After)

Here is the response from Raj regarding straightening. “Regarding the crop or straightening question, I do the straighten first as the crop depends on the straitening angle for me. I mostly preserve the aspect ratio as shoot. So it’s important for me to make sure image is in level. In your image, it’s very difficult to judge the levels. But the important thing to note it’s not the actual levels, but how the viewer feels about it. In this case, reference may be taken on the cloud lines and your picture looks good to me.”


For improvement, Raj says, “I would crop the top part of the sky till the bright cloud tip. And also bring up the shadows a bit on the land area.”



Raj comments on #3, “That’s a great photographic thinking Amy. You are good at taking such opportunities. Beautifully captured great framing! Perfect settings used as you needed all things sharp as possible.”


For improvement, Raj says, “I feel a bit of the top and more in the bottom could have been cropped off. I have seen you mostly go for square crops which are not the traditional size for a photograph. Particularly this picture would look great in that 4 X 6 ratio.”

After (I think the further cropping made a difference. I really like the result of 4×6 ratio.)

Thank you so much, Raj for your critics and feedback!

Click to read on Raj’s lesson 14.

XDrive Photography Learning – 14 – Post Processing

Raj’s lesson 14 is about edits. He “listed out 10 such edits one has to know about and do in the sequence mentioned “.

Here are my submissions. Photos were taken with Canon D7 II, 18-300 mm lens in Raw.


Normally I crop the photo first, then use auto straighten. It should be an easy process, but more often than not, I spend more time on cropping and straightening than other editing process. Especially, when photograph a slop/hill or from a tilt angle, that can be challenging for me. Yes, I turn on the grid when I shoot, may not use it careful as I should. Below is an example.

On the left is the original photo. The one on right is processed through Lr auto straightening.

1/8. f10,ISO 400

For the final version, I made adjustment through the Lr basic panel (highlights, shadows, whites, and blacks), then increase sharpenesse/reducing noise. The last step was cropping and adding vignette.

Raj says, “…it’s crucial that you sharpen your image. Some software applies the sharpness automatically as you import a raw image.”, maybe Lr does.


The same steps for the photo below. Except, to make sure the top line (blue/brown) matching the line at the bottom was a battle. I still am not sure I got it right.

1/30, f9. ISO 640


For the final version, I made some adjustment through Lr basic panel, then sharpening to bring up the detail work of the shrine.


This one was captured with small aperture and slow shutter speed. All I did for this photo was cropping, straightening, and adding vignette, no additional edits.

1/25, D 22, ISO 100

Final version:

Raj puts out side-by-side comparisons to illustration the editing elements for this lesson. Thank you so much!

Looking forward to reading Raj’s critics and suggestions.

3 Day Quote Challenge (Day 3)

Connect with nature..”silence the mind”

& the soul will know what to do 

to heal itself…

The soul always knows what to do 

to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.

                       ~ ` ~ Caroline myss

Mr. Sriram ( ) introduced us this poem with his exquisite photos in one of his posts. Yes, words can be interpreted by photos, vise verse, almost. You may agree that a few words are difficult to expressed by photos. I think “healing” is one of them. A few months ago, Mr. Sriram made two posts, one is “To heal“. It is beautiful, poetical, and yet philosophical (actually all his photos are.). It is moving, yet comforting. And the another is “They Heal“.

Wherever you are, stay well, Mr. Sriram. Thank you!

Thanks to Aletta (nowathome, Love life! Sharing and caring!) for offering me an opportunity to share my favorite quotes and photos. If you’d like to join please visit her blog site.

I’m so glad Brenda (MEDITATIVE JOURNEY WITH SALDAGE a sharing of readings, thoughts, and images) has accepted the invitation and posted the day 1. I absolutely love her photo and the quote, Brilliant! 🙂

3 Day Quote Challenge (Day 2): Days of Our Lifes


Days Of Our Lives

As children we fret over how long the day will last

As youths we worry about how long the night will last

As old people we wonder how long the twilight will last…

This quote was written eloquently by my blog friend Dr. Hb (hbhatnagar). He described a long life journey in just three lines.

Thanks to Aletta (nowathome, Love life! Sharing and caring!) for offering me an opportunity to share my favorite quotes and photos. Feel free to join us.


Jeremy (Picks of my pics …), an exceptional photographer, is posting an extraordinary photo. This is how he explains, “I have long been captivated by Japanese-style photography. There is no official definition of such a style, but it has some instantly recognizable characteristics … desaturated, slightly over-exposed, pale tone, faint blue tint, soft background. Usually moments of daily life or common objects. Nothing dramatic. The atmosphere or emotion is the key.”  Click here to see how he has achieved it.

3 Day Quote Challenge (Day 1)

When darkness befalls …

One light can warm a heart. Enlightenment.

One light can cure a troubled mind. Clarity.

One light can bring closure. Vision.

One light can guide a lost soul. Illumination.

One light can lit up someone’s entire world.

This quote was written beautifully by Rommel (THE SOPHOMORE SLUMP). Thank you so much for the enlightenment… wherever you are, Rommel.

Thanks to Aletta (nowathome, Love life! Sharing and caring!) for offering me an opportunity to share my favorite quotes and photos.

Feel free to join us. Visit Aletta’s site to read her inspiring quotes and check the rules of this challenge.

Children in Kimono

Luckily, I captured a few fun photos of children in beautiful kimono. It looked like they were at the Meiji Shrine for a wedding event.

A few minutes later, this young lady then walked up to the professional photographers, and two of them had their tripods set up, plus some 10 smart phones in front of her. She was very calm and graceful, especial for her age.

It was refreshing to see well-mannered children.

A pretty girl in her pink kimono was walking down the street:

Hope you enjoyed these fun photos. Thank you for visiting!

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter K

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