LAPC #227: Home Sweet Home

This week, Tina leads the “Home, Sweet Home” theme. She offers us wonderful opportunities to share “What is it you truly love about where you live, or places you’ve seen in your home country? 

“It was fun hanging onto the moon, heading into the sun;But it’s been too long, Now I want to come home.”

— Paul McCartney

Homes in Alaska. The sun doesn’t go down in summer.

And, you can go fishing 14 hours +a day during summer, one of our friends does. He said he doesn’t need more than 4-hour sleep due to the day long  sunlight in Alaska.

It’s always a treat to take a walk through a peaceful residential area.


Can you imagine living in a wide open space facing the magnificent mountains and watching sunrise/sunset every single day?

Last week at home was a good week. Cowboys beat Giants on Thanksgiving 8-3 so far and TCU won, 11-0!

In June, we spent three weeks dog sitting for our daughter while they took a land tour in Alaska. Before they left for vacation, she gave us a lengthy instruction, plus four sets of printed instructions. All were about how to operate their techy devices in and outside of their house. One day, our daughter texted me from Alaska letting me know that the iRobot was stuck under the chair. A few minutes later, she texted me with the following photo that they were ready to get on the plane:

Now these days, apps not only can do the job efficient but also detect and communicate problems in a timely manner. 🙂

Chomp looks at Ernie, “Wanna play?” Boon is an adoped greyhound, gentle and cooperative.

When I was working on this post, somehow, I recalled a poem that a friend of mine sent to me when we were talking about relocation.

It was a part of a poem written by a Chinese poet during the 11th Century. Here is the story: The poet’s close friend was exiled by the Emperor. A few years later, he took a long trip to visit his friends. When he arrived, he was surprised and puzzled to see his friend and his companion are content living in a humble house and in such harsh land. His friend’s companion responded briefly and poetically, “Where there is ease, there is home.”

I enclose this post with the poem in Chinese calligraphy (found through Google search) — “Where there is ease, there is home.”

Tina encourages us to share “your own favorites wherever you live, or wherever you’re from, or both.” Click here to enjoy Tina’s beautiful images of Home Sweet Home and stories. Please remember to link to Tina’s post here and to use the Lens-Artists Tag to help us find you.

Thanks to Jude for Guest Hosting last week’s Textures Challenge. Through Jude’s and your post, I have learned to appreciate and photograph the beauty of textures.  

Next week, Patti will host DIAGONALS. Be sure to check in next Saturday.

Cee’s FOD: Roses

Many thanks to Donna’s (Windkisses) for sharing the tap and lift technique on iPhone (I’m using I-13pro). Click here to visit Donna’s beautiful site.

Click here to view Cee’s beautiful flowers and join! 

Cee’s FOTD : Caladium (Nov. 2022)

There are over 1000 named cultivars of Caladium bicolor from the original South American plant.

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