Mobile Photo Challenge: B&W and Flower Of The Day

Above is a giant water fountain of a hotel. To maintain the ambience of the hotel, which was a brewhouse decades ago, they utilize rusty metal to decorate inside and outside of the hotel.

Take a look of Sally’s creative mobile photos, Lens and Pen by Sally.


Cee’s Flower of the Day 3/20/2017

First day of spring officially arrives on Monday, March 20th.

Happy spring! 🙂

Those Were The Days

We thought they’d never end…

WPC: Atop

The title of this post came to my mind when I was admiring this lovely display in a store. Later, I found out through Google that a song was called “those were the days” 🙂

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So Small Yet So Beautiful

These droplets were so small, I didn’t see the reflections on the droplets until I opened the images on my PC.

Have you noticed the changing shape of raindrops?


The Shape of a Raindrop:

As the raindrop falls, it loses that rounded shape. The raindrop becomes more like the top half of a hamburger bun. Flattened on the bottom and with a curved dome top, raindrops are anything but the classic tear shape. The reason is due to their speed falling through the atmosphere.  —  NASA

WPC: Atop

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Thursday Travel: The Sanctuary of Truth

The Sanctuary of Truth at Pattaya, Thailand is a magnificent architecture. The temple is made entirely of wood without any metal nails.

Lonelyplanet says, “It is best described as a visionary environment: part art installation, religious shrine and cultural monument. Constructed in four wings dedicated to Thai, Khmer, Chinese, and Indian religious iconography.”

The ornate temple-like complex was conceived by Lek Viriyaphant, a Thai millionaire who spent his fortune on this and other heritage projects (such as Ancient City near Bangkok) that revived and preserved ancient building techniques and architecture in danger of extinction. In this case, the building continues to support hand-hewn woodworking skills as it’s been under construction since 1981 and still isn’t finished.  –Source: Lonelyplanet

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: View From the Side (Deer)

This is the third week of Cee’s new series for the Fun Foto Challenge. Cell calls A Different View. 

These junior deer showed up when I was walking on the trail a few days ago.

This series is fun, which makes me more sensitive about how I aim the object(s) with my camera. For this series, I have posted views from an airplane window for Looking Down and buildings for Looking Up. 🙂

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These raindrops were taken with my 60 mm macro lens. I have had the lens for a year, last Sunday when I saw these beautiful raindrops, I decided to give another try. The larger leaves are only a inch and half, most are only a inch long. So you can imagine the size of these drops. The 60 mm macro lens captured well.

This is the only plant that holds raindrops so beautiful. People may think they look like some of the jewelry, but I remember a friend of mine who majored arts said that they used to take a field trip to get ideas of designing jewelry from nature.

I thought it won’t take 10 minutes to take a few shots. Running back and forth between the backyard and the desktop a few times (I couldn’t wait to see the results) , then adjust and re-adjust camera settings…, I didn’t finish until 4 hours later.

Then, birds were hopping around asking for food…

I’m always thrilled to see Miss Tufted Titmouse. Noticing her new hair cut of Titmouse? 🙂

These two bird photos were taken through my blurry kitchen window. Sorry about that.

Light shower is what we always wish for, especially in the early spring.

WPC: Wish

Happy Tuesday!

Cee’s Flower of the Day: Camellias (March 13, 2017)

Camellias were cultivated in the gardens of China and Japan for centuries before they were seen in Europe. There are 100–300 described species and 3,000 hybrids.

On August 26, 1959, the camellia became Alabama’s new state flower.

For Cee’s Flower of the Day

Have a wonderful week. 🙂



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