A Day In Bruges

We were told that “any visitor to Bruges should take a boat trip along its picturesque canals.” So we did.

The view of the bell tower and old houses is the essence of Bruges. The tower title? Yep, it leans about four feet, and has been carefully monitored since 1740, no change has been detected:


Cruising through the canal makes you understand why this is called the Venice of the North.

This medieval hospital and chapel was one of the oldest in Europe, and is now a museum housing works painted

In the last half of the 19th century, Bruges became one of the world’s first tourist destinations attracting wealthy British and French tourists.

Here are some the beautiful architecture of Bruge. The style is different from Amsterdam, even these two cities are only 2-hour train distance.

This sculpture is reminding us the garbage we have created everyday …

We had experienced a record-break heat weave in this part of Europe. It was not pleasant, say the least, but we endured.

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Cee’s Which Way: Queensferry Crossing

Queensferry Crossing is a bridge in Edinburgh, Scotland. It is a cable-stayed structure, with three towers each 207 metres (679 ft) high, 2.7 kilometres (1.7 miles) long

It formally opened by the Queen on September 4, 2017.

Our tour bus didn’t drive through the bridge, but we had a chance to take a few photos. It was a rainy, cloudy day in Edinburgh, but it didn’t stop people photographing this magnificent bridge.

The bridge is the third crossing of the Forth at Queensferry, alongside the Forth Road Bridge, completed in 1964, and the Forth Bridge, a railway bridge completed in 1890.   —Wikipedia.

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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #8: Colorful (Kinsale, Ireland)

This week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge is colorful. Tina “decided it’s time to lighten up and introduce some fun and frivolity to our challenge.”

Kinsale is known for its historic streetscape and brightly coloured shops. They claim that it is the most colorful town in Ireland.

The Stone Mad Gallery has purple window frames and orange and lime green walls; a quite unusual mix of colors.

And, the shop has various colorful, fun merchandises.

Click here to enjoy Tina’s colorful photo gallery.

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Dutch Windmills

Windmills are an Old Holland tourist attraction, a quaint symbol of Dutch tradition. There are over 1000 windmills in Holland. Some are still being used for drainage,

The gentleman up there gave us a tour as soon as we got there. Windmill is the world’s first industrial revolution…, he started with the history of the Dutch Windmill.

The wind-powered factories worked on materials brought from Amsterdam, producing flour, cocoa powder, machine-sawn wood, paper, ground spices, oil from seeds, dyes and many other products.

Windmills used to be there everywhere, when they found themselves in competition with steam and later diesel and electricity, they gradually disappeared.1,200 of them remain today

For the next three photos, I added some texture and used the “oil painting” feature of the Photoshop to give the photo a little flavor of a painting.

Photos were taken with iPhone 8+.

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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #7: Everyday Moments (Dutch Countryside)

There are numerous moments happening in our every day lives. Many tell stories and are worth recording in photos.

While visiting Amsterdam, we also had a chance to visit the Dutch countryside. Here are some of captures of their beautiful and peaceful everyday moments.

Here, you see water running through the front or back yard.

Perhaps, enjoy sheep, cows, and ducks from the patio.

After visiting Dutch villages Claude Monet said, “There is enough here to paint for an entire lifetime.”

Every moment is a fresh beginning.    — T. S. Eliot

Photos were captured with iPhone 8+.

Join us and share some photos of your own everyday moments whether at home of while you travelling

Tune in on Saturday (July 28th) when Tina of Travels and Trifles will host our Lens Artists Photo Challenge.

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Brenda’s Patterns. Brenda has a unique way to capture patterns.

Gilly’s recycled Patterns. These patterns are beautifully made.

Abrie’s Patterns of the heart. So very special…



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Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Mirror images or reflections

Window reflections for Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge.

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Life On The Water In Amsterdam

There are about 2500 houseboats in Amsterdam.

The ships were used to transport goods while the owner and his family lived in the small quarters below deck. After retirement, the ship owner would moor the ship and continue living on it.

Houseboats are all connected to the electricity, cables … Since 2005 all houseboats are obligated to connect to the city sewage.

You need a special permit called a ‘ligplaats.’ The amount of ligplaatsen in Amsterdam are very limited and there is a high demand.

Some boat owners have transformed their boats into bed-and-breakfasts.

Each boathouse has its own character and is well maintained, quite unique.

It was a fascinating tour, and fun to learn about the boathouse in Amsterdam.

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