Learn To Read Nature

“The Earth has many lessons to teach us. These lessons are written on the ground at your feet,

on the mountain across the river from my house, in the rocks of a riverbed,

in the trees, and on a mountainside.

Once you learn to read them, you’ll see them all around you.”  — William Neill

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Offer collapsed from exhaustion.

And, neighbors form human chain to help woman in labor get through floodwaters…

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Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Shadows

Biking at the park or fishing with dad may be a memorable summertime for many kids. Kids are either already back to school or ready for next week.

Hope you had a fun, relaxing summer. 🙂


Louis Marquez carries his dog Dallas through floodwaters after rescuing the dog from flooded Houston.

According to this morning’s news report, approximately 9,000 people and 1,000 pets have been rescued.

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An Unusual Architecture Of A Mall

The shady and intimate courts, Spanish towers, Moroccan arches, white washed facades, and simple tiled roofs typify the architectural ambiance of this recreated Andalusian village, as it was described by Exline Design. It’s a very unique architecture design for a shopping mall in Irvine, California.

I recognized the style of the architecture as soon as we walked in this section of the mall. While having coffee at the Starbucks in the mall, I did a Google search on my iPhone find out the background of the architecture.

Wikipedia explains, “The unusual architecture of the property is based on the Alhambra in GranadaSpain, figuring most prominently in the center’s second phase.”

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Restaurants, chefs rally to help feed those affected by Hurricane Harvey

“When we got there, the officers were soaking wet. I’m not joking, they had only a sad plate of old chicken wings. They had no other food,” said Callie Easterly, who delivered the pizza with her mother and father-in-law, Debbie and Eddie Love, owners of Frank’s Pizza. “They started cheering us and hugging us. We said we’re the ones who should be cheering them.”

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Monochrome Madness 4-19

Here are the monochrome photos submitted to Leanne’s Monochrome Madness this month.

The Getty Museum


This week’s MM collections are really cool. Please visit Leanne’s infrared image in B&W! Leanne says, “I’m so happy with how the infrared camera captures trees. It is so interesting to see how different types of trees photograph with it…” Next weeks’ theme is Tree or Trees. Leanne will find something really special for next week. Can’t wait. 🙂


People helping people in Houston…

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As one of the reporters says, “There is something Hurricane Harvey cannot break.”

3,000 National and State Guard members to combat the severe flooding and damage resulting from the storm, and Governor Abbott added that 500 vehicles and 14 aircraft have been put into service. Plus 1,000 Red Cross workers at the Houston Convention Center.

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A Colorful Flower Basket


Debbie’s One Word Sunday is colorful for this week.


I continue to get input regarding managing photo files from my blog friends. This time I’m providing links, so you can visit them or ask questions, my comments are in the parentheses.

  • I load my photos, then delete the bad or repeated shots. I saved those pictures in a file on an external drive. I then begin to edit and delete others there. Sometimes I find I can delete others still much later when the sentimentality has worn off. (I can relate to your sentimentality, Dawn lingeringvisions by Dawn. )

  • I find it next to impossible to delete most photos I take! If I’m photographing a certain object that I only need one photo of, I’ll take 10 pictures and then find a reason to keep them all. “The lighting is best in this one, but I like the angle in this one, oh but I like how zoomed in this photo is, and this photo has poor lightning but can look really good once I edit it in photoshop…” etc etc  (It’s not an easy task. Thank you for sharing, Grace. )

  • I do not process all my images but I find it difficult to delete them. I have a 4 tb external hard drive so no need to delete right now. After I process through Lightroom I save a jpg in Dropbox for printing purposes or for posting online. (So glad your beautiful artworks are well saved, Emilio. (Emilio Pasquale) )

  • When I download from my camera, the images go into a “holding” folder. From there I go through and delete the worse after viewing them on the big screen (bigger than my camera). Some blurred get kept if the subject is a rare photo or it can be reworked into something. After this initial sort I then sort into subject folders This sounds great doesn’t it? I still have to sort photos from March this year!!! (I’m still working on 2016 photo files, Brian. I will follow your work flow, by date and subjects:) )

    The downloads are in chronological order. Each subject folder also has sub-folders ie Folder birds has sub-folders ie Honeyeaters which has sub-folders ie Scarlet, Lewins, Yellow-faced. It looks complicated but once done makes it easy to find photos most of the time. (That is a cool idea. Thank you, Brian (Bushboy.blog)!)

  • I am vigilant in deleting bad photos on my phone and camera. If I am running out of space I use either an external hard drive, Dropbox, or Amazon cloud drive. (Thank you for mentioning the Dropbox and Amazon cloud, Julie !)

  • I keep them in my external hard drive, some in memory cards too. I use Photobucket for my photo albums but they are kept private. (Glad to hear your tips, Arlene ! I, too, keep some of my memory cards, like the trip of the Grand Canyon and Spain.)

  • i have already created photo books for most of my travels, Amy. but one for pictures that i took overtime is a great idea. (I’ll be working on my travel photo book, lola. )

  • Thanks for writing about this Amy, I enjoy reading about other photographer’s work flow. I also delete off the memory card after downloading and putting the memory card back in the camera. I also format the card at that point. I’ve heard it keeps the card “healthier” so to speak. (Thank you for sharing, Amy Photography Journal Blog! I just reformated a few memory cards. 🙂 )

  • I LOVE photo books! I make one for everything we do….vacation, trips to zoo, grandkids etc. (Thank you for sharing the idea of making your photo books, Diane indianeskitche.)

  • A photo book in hand is worth 2 million image files on a computer or cloud. We should make more hard copies to savor. Great post. (It’s wonderful to have photo book in hand. Thank you, Ruth.)

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The service dog, who was photographed carrying a bag of food down a Sinton, Tex., street, got loose Friday night after the storm passed through his small town, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Salvador Segovia, who had reportedly been watching his 5-year-old grandson’s dog, came to check on Otis that evening and found that he’d gone missing.

“I kept yelling his name and yelling his name and he wasn’t around,” Segovia said. (According to CNN, his daughter saw the picture on FB.)

While driving around the neighborhood, Segovia said neighbors approached him about several sightings. He was able to locate Otis and bring him home before his grandson got back, the outlet reported.

NY Dailynews



Corners of Oxford

According to Discovery Oxford Architecture, Oxford origins lie in the late Saxon period and its original street pattern still survives along with some of its earliest monuments. It contains one of the best preserved groups of medieval and later university buildings in the world and a wealth of architectural gems from the classical to the modern.

When we were London, we took a day trip to Oxford to admire its architecture, we were not disappointed.

This was the bike parking situation in Oxford.

WPC: Corner


My heart goes out to Houston…

Photo source: PBS

Hurricane “Harvey” is coming…

Harvey continued to intensify as it steered for the Texas coast, with the forecasters saying it had strengthened to a Category 2 storm.

“Please heed warnings and evacuate as soon as possible.” Gov. Greg Abbott announced.

Birds, horses, deer… are taking the announcement seriously.

Mom Deer is looking for a shelter, Bambi runs after his mom.

at around the corner…

WPC: Corner

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