Cee’s FFC: Farm Animals

Take a look of Texas farm animals. 🙂

See how much the Texas Cattle enjoys bluebonnets.


Anecdote #8: Farming

Japanese farmers take seriously preserving soil health. They still use traditional methods, e.g. using natural fertilizers like compost/animal manure. Due to this effort, farmers are able to produce high quality agricultural products, especially tea, soybeans, and fruits.

Farmers in Japan often belong to the agricultural cooperative groups, where they can get support, resources, and collective marketing efforts.

Lens-Artists Challenge #250– Skyscapes or Cloudscapes

For this week’s theme, I’ve selected a few cloudscape photo from my archives.

To some of us, clouds represent a symbol of freedom, imagination, and the ever-changing nature of life. I love to look up at the sky and let my thoughts drift with clouds, especially when I travel. I’m always fascinated by the shape, form, colors of clouds, and let my imagination soar.

The next two photos are from our trip last fall.

Sometimes clouds are fluffy and white, but I’d never seen or captured fluffy clouds like this one below, clouds here like cotton candy in the sky.

Often, clouds are drifting in the vast blue sky slowly, full of wonder and mystery. This time, these drifting clouds were just sitting above the mountain. It looked to me like the mountain was breathing.

This was my first time seeing stuning sunrays like this below. It was at 5:10 am as we were cruising along the coast of Hawaii:

Oftentimes, the sky is a canvas filled with layers of colors especially towards the end of day, it leaves us speechless. Hawaii astonishing sunset scene:

Cloudscape (Cityscape) into the night is always fascinating. Honolulu:

An unusual sea of clouds taken with my iPhone from the plane window:

Clouds play an important role in the Earth’s climate and weather patterns, as they reflect and absorb solar radiation and help to regulate the planet’s temperature.

Before we went to Japan in April, I planned to take some cool images of skyscapes with landscapes. Unfortunately, most of the time in April, the weather was cloudy with light rain. Even our dinner cruise along the Tokyo coastline was a cloudy night. It was springtime, and more rain was needed to plant rice and grow beautiful trees/flowers. Once I shifted my perspective about the weather, I was thankful for the rain.

We hope you will join us by sharing your cloudscapes over land, sea, or cities, or just clouds. Make a link here and tag Lens-Artists so we can find your post through the WP Reader. Thanks to John’s Art in the Park last week. Enjoy seeing so many beautiful public art displays around the world from your photos.

Next week Anne will lead LAPC #251, stay tuned! 🙂

Cee’s FOTD: Spring Roses

Spring roses are known for their vibrant colors, delicate petals, and sweet fragrance.

The petals of a spring rose are often soft and velvety to the touch


Anecdote #7: Hotels in Japan

The hotels we have stayed including the past two times provide pajama and slippers. They also provide toothbrush/toothpaste, cumb, and bath sponge. I thought it was a thoughtful service though we use our won pajama, etc.

One of the hotels we stayed, they provide room cleaning services only when you request. Otherwise, they place a bag of clean bed sheets, towels, and pajama outside of your hotel room, and you can place your used sheets, etc. for the cleanning lady to pick up.

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