“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” — Saint Augustine.

I picked part of the quote for my web blog title since I enjoy both traveling and books. Initially, I wanted to use blog to keep my travel journal and to share photos with my friends and colleagues. When I ran into a couple of blogs, I began blogging and reading posts regularly. It has been a wonderful learning and sharing experience.

Traveling is always fun, exciting, uplifting, and inspiring.  It gives me a great pleasure to see the beauty of nature, taste different wonderful cuisines, and appreciate history, people and culture a little better. With limited vacation time, my husband and I have to choose places where are easy to access. Other than the major cities and a number of National Parks in U.S., we have been places in Canada, England, France, Italy, Greece, South America, Egypt, Japan, China, and Thailand. Some of travel photos got lost during relocation. I keep the memories in my heart.

Savory always makes us happy. When we travel, we like to try locally produced food. When we are at home, I enjoy cooking and have learned to prepare various kinds of foods from blogs.

I find gardening is rewarding, when the temperature is right, water is plentiful, and you know about planting.  These don’t always happen at the same time.  So, I keep trying.

Keep on blogging, keep on traveling.  Eat well, stay well!



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  6. I laughed out loud at the comment “I find gardening is rewarding, when the temperature is right, water is plentiful, and you know about planting. These don’t always happen at the same time.” That sums up perfectly my challenges with gardening 😆


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