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A Walk of An Urban Gardens

We spent Thanksgiving weekend at the Riverwalk (Downtown San Antonio) to enjoy food, festival, and Christmas lights.


We started our walk from the outdoor garden of Hyatt Regency where river runs through the hotel.





The Riverwalk is filled with trees, bushes, flowers, various plants. It has been a popular place for wedding, celebrations, and special events.


After walking a couple miles along the river toward north, we took a brunch break at a Latin restaurant,


then strolled around the market place where local farmers sell herbs, veggies, honey, and bakeries.

Pleasantly, we ran into an annual clay festival!


A few steps away, you can find a spot to enjoy gourmet coffee, french pastries, and ice cream.


A few feet further, there is another beautiful and inviting urban garden.



At night, you can enjoy a fine dinner by the river and watch the Christmas lights. Very relaxing and enjoyable.


It seems the concept of today’s urban garden is to create a space that allows people to interact and enjoy various activities/events with choices of food in a beautiful garden setting. Riverwalk may be an example, it stretches as long as long as 3 miles from Downtown to north of San Antonio and another coupe of miles to south.

All photos were taken with iPhone 6 plus.

Take a walk with Jo and visit Jude’s urban garden.


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A Walk through My Monday Walks

I have done 38 posts for Jo’s Monday Walk theme. Here are some of the popular walks:


Top five walks are (by likes):

Thanks go to Jo for her wonderful, inspiring weekly theme and posts. Can’t thank you enough for your support, Jo!


“The greatest joys in life are to have

somewhere special to go,

something special to do,  and

someone special to share it with.”

~  Jen Ohlson


Friends, I want to thank you for giving me the privilege and joy of sharing the places I’ve visited this year. I so look forward to your company for the weekly walk next year. 🙂

2014 A Walk through My Monday Walks

Submitting to Jo’s Monday Walk. Jo is taking us for a sunset walk this week…


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