Cee’s FOTD: Magnolia


Anecdote #9: Bamboo water fountains

Bamboo fountain is one of the Japanese garden elements. Unlike western water fountains, Japanese use bamboo to add tranquility and serenity. The length and diameter of the bamboo can vary, which can affect the sound and water floating. And, the design often blends with the surroundings and complement the other elements of the landscape.


11 thoughts on “Cee’s FOTD: Magnolia

  1. I just love Magnolias, Amy. I think they are just a magnificent flower. I grew up with a Magnolia tree, and loved the pods as a child. We threw them and used them as “gentle weapons.” I wonder if children still do that! LOL!

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    • So glad to hear that you love Magnolias, Debra. Thank you for sharing your sweet memory. I didn’t know about the “gentle weapons”. πŸ™‚


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