Lens-Artists Challenge #247 – Backlit

Ann Christine said so well about backlit, “Backlighting is dramatic. It often creates silhouettes, yellow halos around the subject, and/or a brilliantly bright background.”

After a few weeks off from WP, I’m happy to be back to LAPC. 🙂 Here are a few backlit images that I took during our trip to Japan in April.

I agree backlighting can create stunning, eye-catching effects.

last but not least, the Koinobori. It means carp streamern, beautiful carp-shaped windsocks in five different colors. They are made by dr iawing carp patterns on paper, cloth, or other nonwoven fabric. Now, Koinobori is designated as Children’s Day in Japan. 

They are fascinating when gentle wind is blowing:

In case you can’t open the video, here is an image for you to enjoy:

Many thanks to Ann-Christine for her stunningand creative backlit gallery, from flowers, to landscape, nature,  snow and ice, stained glass windows, and more. What a treat to view these stunning photos! We love to see your backlit images.  Tag with Lens-Artists and link to her post here.

Next week, it’s Sofia’s turn. Her theme is Mood. “Places, photography styles, situations or portraits where moods are recognisable.”

48 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #247 – Backlit

  1. Ooh, you were in Japan – how exciting! You’re right, those Koinobori look fantastic with the backlighting, but my absolute favourites here were the irises, especially the first one – just gorgeous!

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  2. Excellent and lovely examples, Amy. I particularly enjoyed the first one and the first flower. We have one of those carp wind socks and had so much wind one day that it was blown off of the fairly secure place that we had it. Lol. Maybe we’ll try again after we move.

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