Lens-Artists Photography Challenge #237 – Bringing softness

This week, Bren leads Bringing Softness to our images. She shows us the beauty of softness images and “how they make us feel alive and blessed.”

For these two floral images, I had some help from Lr’s mask feature:

The next is to bring the softness to a landscape image.

The original image below was blurry on both sides of the trail, so I tried hard to make it sharp and clear. Now, I’m bringing the softness back. 🙂

This soft seascape image was taken at 4:40 am with 1/80 shutter speed. I cropped the photo, no additional edits for this one:

For this photo, I went to Topaz Impressionistic preset. There are so many presets in Topaz to choose from. The process of choosing a preset can be a long debating, but fun at the same time.

Bren suggests, “By lowering the clarity and creating softness in those areas frames the subject in an image, be it a tree, path, bridge, even a door or house or just a dreamy looking image.” Bren’s images are breathtaking. Thanks to her for the wonderful instructions. Hope you’ll join us. Please remember to link to Bren’s post and use the Lens-Artists tag.

Many Thanks for participating in the East meets West, North meets South last week. Your memories, travels, sunrise/sunset, nature, and fabulous views where you live have told wonderful stories. The development of the astronomical clock and influence on arts/music of east meets west is very cool! If you haven’t seen it, click here (somehow, WP missed the pingback). Your responses have added a special chapter to the “World is a Book” (my blog title). Inspiring, indeed!

Ann-Christine will host next week. Be sure to visit her site.

62 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photography Challenge #237 – Bringing softness

  1. What a very interesting feature in this challenge, Amy. I haven’t considered “softness” but I can definitely see the how you’ve added beauty to your photos through this technique. Lovely work!

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  2. I love the way you made a few of these impressionist paintings. The trail worked to your advantage. If there was one thing I learned in this challenge is it helps bring those blurry photos to a different level. The trail was. great example. The ocean. Awesome. The house with the bike is a favorite. I say print it.

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    • Thank you for your comment, Donna! The trail image was captured when we hike Cinque Terre, Italy. I’m so glad you like this one. The Lr masking made it so easy to get the result. I’m going to pring the house with bike image! Appreciate your compliment. 🙂

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