LAPC #233: One Lens Walk

This week, Anne has a challenge for us: One Lens Walk.

I carry my macro lens when I take a walk in our local garden. I depend on this macro lens to capture the beauty of nature details.

Just one tiny water drop:

When I travel I carry my Panasonic Lumix Bridge Camera. It’s convenient and much lighter than the Canon 7-ii.

I’m happy with my iPhone clicks:

Here is a comparison of the two lenses, i-13 P (L) and Panasonic Lumix (R):

Anne offers us an opportunity to take a lens for a walk.Β  Click here to enjoy Anne’s fabulous one lens walk and learn how she utilizes her lenses capturing beautiful photos. Remember to link to Anne’s post and use the Lens-Artists tag.

Thanks to Sophia’s inspiring challenge last week. It was a wonderful experience to look back through your photos and interesting stories.

Next week, our new team member Donna of Wind Kisses will host the challenge. Be sure to visit her post.

47 thoughts on “LAPC #233: One Lens Walk

  1. I love your macro photos and it was interesting to see the comparison between iPhone and Lumix bridge, especially as I use the latter. Do you ever taken macros with the Lumix? I find mine copes pretty well πŸ™‚


  2. Just goes to show an accomplished photographer can take wonderful photos with any lens. With my love of macros, i should really a) practice with my lens and b) take it along with me on some of my walks. Love the drop shot but love all of them really.

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  3. I love the first photo of the bud and at first glance thought it a peeking cactus. It is beautiful look at your macro capabilities, but the water droplet for the win. Wow. I also liked the way you compared the two photos at the end. Liked both, but there are definitely differences.

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  4. You’d be lost without your macro, wouldn’t you, Amy? And I think beautiful drops of water are your Specialist Subject! As to your comparison shots: I liked them both. Each had a story to tell.


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