LAPC # 228: Diagonals

This week, Patti (P.A. Moed) leads the Diagonals. This is an interesting and challenging photography element. She encourages us to “explore diagonals as a way to add visual interest and depth to your photos, as well as a sense of action.”

Madrid street, Spain:

Diagonal lines come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Thick, thin, horizontal, vertical, diagonal, zigzag, curly, curved, and spiral.

Tokyo Meiji Shrine:

Rocky Mountain National Park:

Diagonal lines in nature:

Canadian Rockies:

Arches National Park,Utah:

Kyoto Bamboo Forest:

The installation of Plexus no. 34 – about 80 miles of thread constructed to depict a rainbow at the Amon Carter museum, Fort Worth, TX:

Patti invites us to join this week as we explore diagonals, “What diagonals can you find? A line of trees or stones, a series of lights or signs, tree branches or a row of hedges, or a row of cupcakes in a bakery window? ” Click here to view Patti’s excellent examples and learn more about this interesting photography element. Be sure to include your link to Patti’s post and the Lens-Artists tag so we can easily find your post in the Reader.

A special thank to Tina’s Home Sweet Home theme. Thank you for introducing the beautiful places you have visited.

Next week, it’s Ann-Christine’s turn to take the lead, so be sure to visit her site.

61 thoughts on “LAPC # 228: Diagonals

  1. Some unique finds Amy. That Plexus 34 is interesting, I can’t even fathom 80 miles of thread, let alone turning it into art. I have to say…I know exactly where you were standing at Arches. Last time we were there I guys was trying to straddle a climb up it. I was cool. My favorite photo is of the Tokyo Meiji Shrine. The presence of the women is so beautiful. To us it is an art, to them a way of life. Culture. Love it>


  2. Wow, Amy. That rainbow is amazing! I kept going back to it and looking deeper into the image. Great choices for the theme! I love the monks walking to the shrine and your images from the Rockies. 😀😀. Have a good week!

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  3. Wonderful variety in the Amy – the rainbow is incredible! I’m so glad you chose to share that one. I also loved the Tokyo shrine. At first I thought it was a row of statues leading up to the shrine and then I realized it was people. Amazing!


    • Thank you, Tina! The rainbow is incredible. There was a video showing how he assembled these thread up there, it was an enormous task, say the least. The Monks marching quietly toward the gate was a magnificent scene. So glad you enjoyed these. 🙂


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