LAPC #226 – Textures

This week, our guest host Jude (Cornwall in Colours) leads the Texture challenge theme, “Texture is one method of bringing life to your photos.”, indeed.

Textures are usually described as smooth or rough, soft, or hard, and coarse of fine, matt or glossy… Texture in a photograph can add visual interest, highlight unique patterns, or may evoke emotions.

By zooming in on the details of the texture of a tree trunk, we can see a tree in a new way.

Beautiful texture of the pink grass (Hair-awn muhly):

Unique textures of aged rocks:

Colorful sea weed texture:

Textures make these pumpkins more interesting. 🙂

You can add textures to your photo through Photoshop:

Texture in arts is an important part of what gives it life.

Jude encourages us to “choose anything you like including art, nature, food, textiles, architecture or even common objects around the home.” We hope you will join us and share your photos. Click here to view her beautiful texture gallery. Please link to Jude’s original post and use the Lens-Artists tag.

Special thanks to Anne Sandler for last week’s fun and inspiring challenge. Thank you for sharing photos of wildlife close to your home.  Next week, Tina will host for LAPC #227, so be sure to visit her site Travels and Trifles

57 thoughts on “LAPC #226 – Textures

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  2. I love the abstracts, Amy. Honestly, I feel like I want to reach out and touch most of the elements in your photos. The goal is to visual texture. You nailed it. And while I know, in real life, I wish I could be near that moss covered tree, the tree stump was my favorite.


  3. Lots of fabulous textures in these photos Amy. I love that close up of the tree bark, there is so much to see. And I had forgotten completely about adding textures with post editing software. I do vaguely remember doing that some years ago. Maybe over the winter months I will have another go at that. Thanks for your lovely post and all the different ways of illustrating textures.
    Jude xx

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