LAPC #224: Exposure

This week, Sofia leads the “Exposure” theme for us to exercise another photography technique.

Overexposure leads to overexposed highlights, and often, it can create interesting faded-looking images.

Shutter speed is the amount of time that the camera’s shutter is open. If there’s less light, you may want to using slow shutter speed. The image blow was captured at 1/8 second:

The image of the Grand Central Station, NYC is captured with 2 seconds:

HDR (high dynamic range) allows us to capture the subject between the lightest light and darkest dark in different levels, then, process them through Photoshop. I set three different levels for this one:

Here is the result:

I often rely on aperture or shutter speed priority, hope to get a good result. I do need to pay more attention to exposure. Sofia gives us an excellent leason and provides comparisons with wonderful explanation, “use shutter speed to change the exposure balance when shooting. You can also play with aperture. Or you can have fun changing the exposure settings while editing.” Click here to learn more. We hope you will join us and share your exprience and techniques.

Many thanks to Johnbo’s Flights of Fancy. It was fun and inspiring theme for all of us to explore. Thank you for participating and sharing your stories and photos.

Next week is Anne’s (Slow Shutter Speed) turn to host so please visit her site.

61 thoughts on “LAPC #224: Exposure

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  2. Like several other commentators I find that the ESB is both fascinating and fabulous! Most of the photos I do of horses are just realistic and not more than that. Your post has inspired me to try a few things just for fun.

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  3. Great examples here Amy, love the ESB and the movement in the station. I am hopeless at using manual settings and rely on my camera (and lens) and some post processing to get the effects I want. Must do better!

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  4. Stunning examples on how technique influences the result. Love your gallery photo and the HDR result, a technique I never use, must give it a try. Sofia’s article is a good reminder on the functions of the camera.

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  5. Wow! GREAT selections Amy. LOVE the monochrome of the Empire State Bldg. Great shadows and abstractions. Grand Central Station/Terminal is a fave, since we visited recently, stayed near there, and passed through many times using the subway. Love the flower petals and art museum, et al. Excellent.

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  6. That second shot (or third, if you count the featured photo) is mesmerising. I really should get off my backside and stop relying totally on automatic. But I must say my attempts haven’t really rewarded me. I suppose you just have to keep at it!


  7. Terrific examples Amy – especially loved your Empire State Building image. I’d not seen it presented that way in the many photos I’ve seen of it so big kudos on that one! Also liked your HDR blend – wonderful result on that.

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    • Thank you, Tina! I’m glad you like the ES building image, I took this photo through a window. I think the B&W looks better.
      I have drafted three, four different versions for this theme. I finally decided to use this one, for some strange reasons, it didn’t get saved, so I had to draft three other times. 🙂 🙂


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