LAPC #219: Treasure Hunt

This week, Tina leads “Treasure Hunt”. A great theme to share our fun treasure hunt experience.

I have a few fun treasure hunt photos to share, they were captured during our August/September trip.

Afton, Wyoming, is a home of the world’s largest arch made of elk antlers. The arch consists of 3,011 elk antlers and weighs 15 tons.

These cute guys were right by the elk antlers, but they were there people watching:

“Are you treasure hunting, Mr. Bear?”

“No, I’m looking for a lunch menu!”

Window shopping at the Jackson Square was a fabulous treasure hunt experience. Lots of paintings, sculptures, and precious rocks, and they were beautifully displayed:

Yellowstone Old Faith Inn is one of American’s favorite buildings. The building was completed in 1904, the first of the great park lodges of the American west. It sits at an approximate elevation of 7,350 feet above sea level.

Last but not least, Yellowstone Old Faithful geyser. It’s world treasure.

It was pretty challenging to take pictures of the eruptions since we were facing the harsh sun. I just kept clicking with my iPhone 13-P and hoped for the best:

Tina has a beautiful set of images, she also provides a list of the treasure items for us to explore. We hope you’ll join us. Please remember to link to Tina’s original post and to use the Lens-Artists Tag.

Sincere thanks to Donna of Wind Kisses for guest hosting last week. Her beautiful hill images and stories were inspiring. We enjoyed your responses. 

Next week, Patti will host LAPC #220. You don’t want to miss it.

48 thoughts on “LAPC #219: Treasure Hunt

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  3. Always a nice collection Amy with info for us to take away with it. I love the log carvings and my favorite was the bear peering in the window. I had a couple cute bear carvings similar in our last home. They were fun to decorate with the holidays and became a neighborhood icon, I guess. Anyways when we were selling the house there was only one stipulation…the bears had to stay. Still makes me smile. (and a little sad).

    Ironically enough…and applicable to your post…thats when we were on our way to Yellowstone. Always a pleasure. Thank you for your encouragement and inspiration…Donna


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  5. Amy I had so much fun looking at the photos of your Treasures.Love the bears and the antler arch and the ting sou foud when shopping. I was 8 when I saw Old Faithful and I’m so happy it is still erupting and being “Faithful”


    • Thank you, Tina. This geyser was a lucky shot with my i-phone, I probably clicked more than a couple of dozen times. Happy to share these fun photos with you. 🙂


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