LAPC #217 – Opposites

This week Tina leads the Opposites. Tina gives us a chance to share some photo examples of opposites through our images.

Colorful flowers in spring:

Then, green fades to gold in fall.

Bare mountains vs. green, green field:

These two images (above and below) were captured while traveling through Wyoming. You can drive hours without seeing a green field. Like many other places, water is much needed here.

Old and modern transportations, Jackson Town Square, Wyoming.

Yesterday’s story is told by today’s sculpture at the the Jackson Town Square:

Color version vs. black & white of Alaska mountains:

The sun and the moon:

Many thanks to Sofia for last week’s Urban Environments challenge. It was fun to see beautiful urban environments around the world. Thank you for your participation.

This week Tina’s invites us to share some opposites – big and small, round and square, new and old…. I agree,”when you start to think about it, they’re everywhere!” Be sure to link your response to Tina’s original site, and to use the Lens-Artists Tag to help us find you. 

We’re excited to announce that next week’s Guest Host will be Donna of Wind Kisses, be sure to check out her wonderful site. 

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