LAPC #216 – Urban Environments

This week, Sofia lead the Urban Environmets. As Sofia said, “…here are no two identical cities, they’re a product of many different aspects from history to location, to culture and to the people.” This probably is why we are attracted to urban.

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, population is about 10.72 million. It probably is one of the most friendly big cities that I have traveled to. We also enjoy the food there. The image on the left was taken from the city garden, the right captured from the plane window.

This part of Tokyo is quite different from the cities/towns in Japan that we have visited in Japan. It looks like a newly developed high-tech city. These images below were captured on a train.

Amsterdam is a fun city. You can easily get on a bus, train, and/or boat touring the city. The building here is their Central Train Station.

The fascinating history of Seville makes it one of Spain’s most intriguing places to visit.

London at night. These modern buildings were lit up behind the historical London Tower.

Chicago Downtown looks quiet from a distance on a Sunday morning.

New York, New York:

San Diego at night:

Sofia’s urban environment images from different parts of the world are wonderful. She invites us to join, “This week’s challenge is about how you view any urban environments you came across, either by visiting as a tourist or the place you live in or commute to every day.” Click here to view. Hope you’ll join us.

Many thanks to John’s transportation challenge theme. We enjoyed various photos of transportation and had a wonderful time to view the places you have traveled.

Next week, Tina will host LAPC #217. Be sure to visit her site.

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