LAPC #214 Favourite Finds

This week, Ann-Christine leads LAPC –Favorite Finds. A-C encourages us to share our finds, from grandmother’s closet to museum, nature, and more.

I found beautiful and unique collections at the Indian Museum of North America in the Crazy Horse Memorial, South Dakota.

This beautiful breechclout aprons was given to the donor’s mother in the early 1900:

The Indian Museum has about the same annual visitation as the National Museum of the American Indian at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC. Close to 90% of the art and artifacts have been donated by generous individuals, including many Native Americans.

Native artists from throughout North America spend much of the summer at Crazy Horse to share their creativity, create new works.

The Museum, designed to complement the story being told in stone on the Mountain, presents the lives of American Indians and preserves Native Culture for future generations.

At the museum, I bought a horse hair pottery made by Navajo Artist. These are the stoneware collection:

Beautiful wooden ceiling:

We flew back from our trip last night, and our flight was on time and everything went smoothly at the airport. I’m pretty late in submitting my post this week.

Thank you for joining in last week’s Here Comes the Sun theme. I’m inspired by your beautiful sunlight images throughout the day and around the world.

On the road, we were in the area that has no wifi or very slow connection, so I was able to access WP. I saw quite a few more entries this morning. I apologize for not being able to visit your site and/or to reply your wonderful comment.

Many thanks to Ann-Christine’s favorite finds theme. Click here to view her collections and join the challenge.

Next week John will be our host, and his theme will be: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles…and the places they take us to visit.

45 thoughts on “LAPC #214 Favourite Finds

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  2. What a great museum, Amy. There seem to be quite a few Smithsonian museums scattered around the country. We found one in Wickenburg that had a beautiful Native American component. My favorite picture is the woman in turquoise. She looks so feminine and peaceful.

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  3. It has been so long in coming that we finally are paying respect and homage to our Native Americans. I’m so glad you shared your finds from the museum, and am happy to hear the Smithsonian is also paying homage. Beautiful examples of Native American crafts Amy. How nice that you chose something to bring home with you! Glad you had a great trip. Be happy you were late to post this week, WP has been a bit of a mess!

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    • Appreciate your thoughtful comment, Tina! Yes, we finally are paying respect and preserve our Native Americans culture. They also developed wonderful educational programsfor youngsters to learn. 🙂

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