LAPC #213: Here Comes the Sun

This week, our theme is “Here Comes the Sun”. We will explore the sunlight and things under the sun, whether it’s in the morning, middle of the day, and/or before sun goes down.

On the way to Alaska, we had a few cloudy days. One morning, I was up before 4 am, I didn’t want to miss the sunrise scene.

The sun was trying to break through layers of clouds in the sky, and the sea was misty. The line between the sky and sea was blurry, it seemed like the small fishing boat was sailing through the clouds and toward the sunlight. Heavenly scenery.

Three days later, on July 4th, here comes the sun.

at 3:49 am:

at 4:04:11:

at 4:04:26:

I also would like to share a couple of under the sun images from my archives.

A few years ago, I traveled with a photography group to Colorado Rocky Mountain NP.  That day, we drove up to the top of a mountain at around 4:30 am to photograph the sunrise scene. As soon as we were off the automobile, S climbed up to the top of the hill carrying her Canon 1DX (it’s probably three times heavier than my 7-ii) on one shoulder and her lens bag on the other. While she was focusing on the scene below where she stood, I got this shot:

The one below was captured at a musical festival in Austin with my iPhone. I was facing the harsh afternoon sun, and I didn’t see this young lady and the people behind her. I clicked anyway. It was a nice surprise when I opened the image on my laptop.

Under the sun, trees grow taller, leaves greener, veggies/fruits sweeter,

and flowers happier.

Under harsh sunlight, we can use a lens hood and/or adjust our white balance setting/exposure to get better photos.

It was a perfect day for sailing under the sun.

We hope to see your images of “Here Comes the Sun”– anytime of the day. Special thanks to Patti for last week’s “Motion” theme. Through her lens and techniques, we have learned the art of capturing motion. Thank you for sharing your fun, creative motion/movement photos. It’s wonderful to know there are numerous ways to capture motion.

Make a link of your post here and tag your post, so we can find you. 🙂

Next week,  will host LAPC#Ann-Christine214. Stay tuned. 🙂

185 thoughts on “LAPC #213: Here Comes the Sun

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  6. Thanks for this lovely theme for this week, Amy. It’s always a good day that ends with sunshine. I love the gentle picture of the sunlit girl fingering her hair toward the end of your post. The rays give it an outer worldly ethereal look. Great capture. 🙂


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    • Beautiful series for this theme, Lindy! The rainbow is special. Love the rich colors of the sunset.
      I’m on the road,having trouble to send comment through bloggers’ site. Sorry about that.


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