Lens Artists Challenge: picking favourites

This week, Sarah (Travel with Me) invites us to share three of what we consider to be among your very best shots.

For this theme, I choose my favorites from my recent photos, except the last image.

My favorite photography subject is flowers. As July had been the hottest month in decades in Texas, I have seen just a few blooms around here and there. A couple weeks ago, I visited our local garden and saw this white lotus standing above the pond under the shade. It brought me a smile and made me forget the heat for a little while. This is my first lotus capture, it’ll stay with me for a long while.

Our July Alaska cruise trip was the first faraway trip since the pandemic. This image was taken at 4:25 am (I was up before 4 am) as the ship was cruising through the Alaska coastline. The clouds slowly floated above the sea and through the mountains, while the blue sky gradually turned into light pink. I felt lucky to witness this dream scene.

“I had a dream so big and loud

I jumped so high, I touched the clouds

This is gonna be the best day of my life”

— American Authors

Yes, I have posted this happy dolphin image before. It has been one of my very favorite images.

Sarah wants us to “look into your archives and apply your most critical eye; play ‘judge’ and try to look dispassionately at your images. Pick out three (just three!) that stand out as particular favourites.” Sarah’s favorite photos are truly special. Click here to take a look and travel with her. Hope you will join us.

Many thanks to Tracy for her surreal theme last week. Thanks to you for sharing your creative, fun images. Inspiring, indeed.

Anne will be our host next week — “What’s your photographic groove?.

73 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge: picking favourites

  1. I’m with you on phtographing flowers. It’s where my photo journey began.
    My orchids brought me to find a passion for photgraphing what might be gone tomorrow.
    Great capture of the flower with the bee. I adore all of your choices, Amy. I enjoyed viewing all of your selections,
    and agree with the others the dolphin is a stand out pic.
    Isadora 😎

    Liked by 1 person

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