Cee’s FOD: Angel’s Trumpet

The plants are known for their showy flowers, which range from white and pale yellow to green, maroon, and dark bronze and can persist for several months.

Due to the heat, there are not many blooms right now. Our local garden trys to provide minimum water to these plants in the morning.

Take a look of Cee’s flower of day. 

25 thoughts on “Cee’s FOD: Angel’s Trumpet

  1. I enjoy your flower and plant photos so much. I both enjoy seeing flowers that aren’t typically found in my region and also the occasional recognition that I have the same specimen. And I do have a large, beautiful Angel Trumpet that grew from a cutting of my grandmother’s original bush. I treasure it. It’s not looking too happy in the heat, but she’ll rebound. 🙂


    • I know through your post that you have a beautiful garden and take for nature. Your comment and visit mean a lot to me. Angel Trumpet grows well in this part of TX. The drought is unbearable here.
      Hope yours will make a comeback. 🙂


  2. I was wondering what they’re called. My mother is freaking out about a large trumpet bush a few doors down from her apartment because she read they’re an invasive species. She also feels that way about me but I let it slide because she’s old. 🌾

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