Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #204 Doors/Doorways

This week, Syvia (mycolorful expression) leads Doors/Doorways — “Doors can be seen wherever we turn, they are literally everywhere…”

For her theme, I start with images of Japanse door decorations. The one on left is a handwritten plaque and the one on right is a straw decoration, the characters mean a “happy door” — a nice welcome sign.

This one has three sliding doors. They use these sliding doors to divide a large room into smaller rooms:

Below is one of the many grand doors/gates of the Palace in Tokyo:

Here you see a line of perfect temple door panels. The details on top of these doors were incredible.

This grand gate leads visitors to one of the beautiful Japanese gardens in Kyoto:

The Chinese moon gate is a circular opening in a garden wall that acts as a passageway. It’s a traditional architectural element in Chinese gardens.

Sylvia has a beautiful series of unique door images. Take a look. She invites us “to share a few appealing or distinctive doorways you have discovered. Do you feel some have more character than others or evoke a particular feeling or mood?” Hope you will join us. Link to Sylvia’s original post and use the Lens-Artists tag.

Thanks to Anne Sandler’s Local Vistas theme. We had a chance to enjoy many special local vistas through your post. Next week Tina (Travels and Trifles) will host the challenge, Stay tuned.

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